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Let’s Talk #1

Tesla in India Recently Madan Gowri tweeted Elon Musk to launch Tesla cars in India as soon as possible; to this Elon Musk replied that import duties are the highest in the world of any country. Moreover Tesla cars do not match with Indian Environmental goals.  But high import taxes and not having efficient IndianContinue reading “Let’s Talk #1”

Let’s Talk Series #3 Toyota’s Corolla Altis to Maruti Suzuki.

Overview Recently, Maruti Suzuki Baleno rebadged as Toyota Glanza in around 2020, but what Maruti has taken in exchange of its Baleno? Yep, you guessed it right it’s the Corolla Altis. Welcome to next Let’s Talk series #3, today, we’re gonna talk about the new Maruti Suzuki Corolla Altis the spec’s, the features etc itContinue reading “Let’s Talk Series #3 Toyota’s Corolla Altis to Maruti Suzuki.”

Let’s Talk#6; What Technologies do Lexus owns?

Overview In this world like this which is now full of technological advancements and especially in the automobile sectors where there are new technologies coming every year including Regenerative Braking, EV’s etc. A new technology was also existed before which was primarily bought down by Lexus in India. So what does that really mean, whatContinue reading “Let’s Talk#6; What Technologies do Lexus owns?”

Let’s Talk#12; why Maruti acquires 48% of the Indian car industry?

Overview Have you ever thought while driving around or even when roaming around that most of the vehicles that you see on the roads are of Maruti Suzuki but have you wondered about it that why is it so? Well to answer this I have researched many reasons which are included in this next blogContinue reading “Let’s Talk#12; why Maruti acquires 48% of the Indian car industry?”

Let’s Talk#13 ; What Happened with Mahindra Alturas G4 and Kia Carnival?

Overview Mahindra Alturas G4 which was launched in around November 2018 along with the partnership with Ssangyong and was the most luxurious SUV from Mahindra and Mahindra. It literally delivered all the features you can ever expect from an SUV. Moreover, the Kia Carnival which is also a luxurious but a MUV Van actually gotContinue reading “Let’s Talk#13 ; What Happened with Mahindra Alturas G4 and Kia Carnival?”

Let’s Talk#14; What to consider between Volkswagen and Skoda in India?

Overview Being the German manufacturers both Skoda and Volkswagen share same engines, designs, technologies in their vehicles. Moreover, Volkswagen hold 30% of the share of Skoda automobiles and Skoda being a subsidiary of Volkswagen motors shares same kinda specs. But the question for Indian customers is that what to choose between Skoda and Volkswagen andContinue reading “Let’s Talk#14; What to consider between Volkswagen and Skoda in India?”

Let’s Talk#15; The best luxury lounge vehicle from Toyota!

Overview On to the executive class today, many options are available but in the luxury van segment of in the segment of luxury lounge the options are literally negligible especially in India. But if you are looking to buy one of it! Then Toyota Vellfire would be the best option available in the Indian automotiveContinue reading “Let’s Talk#15; The best luxury lounge vehicle from Toyota!”

Let’s Talk Series#16; Recently launched cars which disappeared gradually!!!

Overview Nowadays many cars are launching some as EV’s, some as hatchbacks with segment first features. But have you ever wondered about the vehicles which are in hype only at the time of their launch and suddenly disappears, well this blog is all about those vehicles and for more like this blog check out>>Let’s TalkContinue reading “Let’s Talk Series#16; Recently launched cars which disappeared gradually!!!”

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Hey there! welcome to the Let’s Talk series a place where you’ll find casual posts on recent/upcoming Automotive technologies. Please do let us know If you want this series on specific Automotive technology and also, if you have any suggetions to make the curent series from good to best!

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