5 Cars that may get discontinued in 2022

Overview 2021 was a great year for the car manufacturers but for some, it was the worse as their vehicles or few of their vehicles haven’t touched the expected sale figures. Those vehicles on my analysis can be discontinued in 2022. By the way, the blog on the Failures of 2021 is already been publishedContinue reading “5 Cars that may get discontinued in 2022”

Expected Car launches of 2022!!

Overview The 2021 year bought so many cars starting with Electric to all-time favorite SUVs. Moreover, many manufacturers replaced their entire portfolio in the past year including Skoda, Renault, Nissan, etc. But talking about 2022 many companies have claimed to launch or reveal their vehicle in the coming year few of which are mentioned under.Continue reading “Expected Car launches of 2022!!”

All things you should need to know about Volkswagen Virtus – Vento’s replacement!

Recently, Skoda has launched its full-sized sedan i.e. Skoda Slavia which is a smaller version of its all-time favorite sedan Skoda Octavia. After the launch of Slavia, there were expectations from Volkswagen to launch its sedan as well which was further cleared from the spy shots taken of the new Virtus which is Vento’s replacement.Continue reading “All things you should need to know about Volkswagen Virtus – Vento’s replacement!”