5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!

Overview DCT or Dual Clutch transmission is one of the most demanded Automatic transmission systems globally. With its high fuel efficiency over other AMTs and smoother performance DCT gearboxes are taking the roads of India. Since the gear shifts are smooth enough and are performance concerned DCT equipped vehicles are an open market for performanceContinue reading “5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!”

Tata Safari Storme Dark Edition – What’s New?

Overview Safari Storme is one of the all-time favorite SUVs from Tata motors which was also previously launched with many of its editions (including Gold). One more edition is launched today i.e. on 17th of January 2022, named Tata Safari Storme Dark Edition. The series happens to be one of the popular series of TataContinue reading “Tata Safari Storme Dark Edition – What’s New?”

Tata Harrier’s Turbo Petrol Variant??

Tata Harrier which is currently available in the 2.0L Diesel variant can now be available in the Petrol engine option as well. Reportedly, the new Tata Harrier with the petrol engine option is spotted in the camouflage testing.  However, there is no official statement on this by the manufacturer but still what the leak specsContinue reading “Tata Harrier’s Turbo Petrol Variant??”