Skoda Slavia; The Rapid’s replacement!

Overview Well, after launching the Skoda Rapid’s Matte edition, which is limited up to 400units, Skoda decided to launch its Rapid’s replacement which is the Skoda Slavia. The car has been spotted many times testing in India and there are many things which we know about till now. Design The new Skoda Slavia will beContinue reading “Skoda Slavia; The Rapid’s replacement!”

Review Series#19; Skoda Superb

Overview Along with Skoda Rapid, Superb was a well-known brand for the manufacturer, and that too from the very starting. Literally Superb is the best example from German engineering under the Volkswagen branding. Well, to know more about and to dive in stay with this next blog of the Review Series! On the Point SkodaContinue reading “Review Series#19; Skoda Superb”

Skoda launched Rapid’s Matte edition starting from Rs. 11.99lakhs

On 4th of October, 2021 i.e. today Skoda has launched its all time favorite sedan Rapid in a new Matte edition. The major changes have been done with its body color which is now given an exterior shade of Carbon steel matte. The grille has been revised and is now in gloss black with theContinue reading “Skoda launched Rapid’s Matte edition starting from Rs. 11.99lakhs”