Prototype Vision#5; Renault Trezor: The next Dezir from Renault

Overview Ever thought about any vehicle which is purely based on electric but looks like a Ferrari or Lambo? Well, Renault had already unveiled a vehicle of this type! The vehicle is known as the Renault Trezor which is kinda successor of Renault Dezir which is initially designed as a luxurious sports car from Renault.Continue reading “Prototype Vision#5; Renault Trezor: The next Dezir from Renault”

Review Series#10; Renault Kiger

Overview After its entry-level hatchback, Kwid Renault had launched its mid-range hatchback i.e. Kiger which kinda looks like a facelift of Kwid which is wider and longer. It also features more technologies and connectivities. And yes welcome to the next blog of the Let’s Review Series. On the Point Engine and Spec’s Renault Kiger isContinue reading “Review Series#10; Renault Kiger”

Let’s Talk#7; What Happened with Nissan?

Overview Right from 2005, Nissan was doing great in its automotive job, but after 2011 when Renault came in India Nissan’s sale got depreciated by a significant amount. So what has happened with Nissan which had a great starting in India but now is struggling to sell its vehicles? Well, we’ll discuss all of itContinue reading “Let’s Talk#7; What Happened with Nissan?”

Review Series #1; Renault Triber

Overview After Lodgy Renault finally launched their 7-seater MUV cum SUV vehicle. The car specs meet the today’s customer demand at an affordable pricing. It has got lots of seating combinations, the thing which is in great demand today and that’s too at an affordable pricing. So, is it really worth it to buy RenaultContinue reading “Review Series #1; Renault Triber”