Prototype Vision#5; Renault Trezor: The next Dezir from Renault

Overview Ever thought about any vehicle which is purely based on electric but looks like a Ferrari or Lambo? Well, Renault had already unveiled a vehicle of this type! The vehicle is known as the Renault Trezor which is kinda successor of Renault Dezir which is initially designed as a luxurious sports car from Renault.Continue reading “Prototype Vision#5; Renault Trezor: The next Dezir from Renault”

Renault Megane with the range of 470km.

Overview Recently Renault had launched its brand new EV named Renault Megane. The car is based on the prototype of Renault Morphoz. Megane has almost all the features and capabilities one can ask for in CI engine vehicles from its large range to its top speed, Megane have all them in one without polluting theContinue reading “Renault Megane with the range of 470km.”