Review Series#42; MG ZS EV 2022

Overview The new MG ZS EV had been launched a month ago and here is its Review, equipped with some new and minor changes MG finally again introduced its only electric facelift version in India. But before continuing Welcome to the next blog of the Review Series. On The Point MG ZS EV is poweredContinue reading “Review Series#42; MG ZS EV 2022”

MG ZS EV Facelift What we know so far??

MG being in one of the companies which launched first electric vehicles in India. And now MG is planning upgrade its first electric vehicle in India i.e., MG ZS EV. The vehicle is initially intended for European markets but as far as its concern for Indian market it can be launch in somewhere around FebruaryContinue reading “MG ZS EV Facelift What we know so far??”

Let’s Talk#4 India Electrified! Really??

Overview Well, a topic which is gaining much attention these days automobile manufacturers are launching their next gen EV’s to Indian market but the question is that are we really ready for it? Is it really reliable to buy an EV in the Indian market where there is almost no charging station at all?? WellContinue reading “Let’s Talk#4 India Electrified! Really??”