Top 5 selling cars from October 2021!!

Observing every month, the cars which sold the most in the October 2021 are as under: Maruti Suzuki Alto (Units Sold: 17,389) Maruti Suzuki Alto which is available with 1.0L K10B series engine is on the top in the list of most selling cars from October 2021. Alto comes under the segment of small sizedContinue reading “Top 5 selling cars from October 2021!!”

Review Series#16; Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Overview Since the 18th of December 1999 WagonR literally made its mark in Indian society. Not only this, but WagonR also, made a stereotype in the mind of Indian customers that it is actually the most reliable car from Maruti Suzuki because of this Maruti till now haven’t discontinued WagonR. Moreover, it has updated itsContinue reading “Review Series#16; Maruti Suzuki WagonR”