Let’s Talk#18; Real Servicing cost of Renault Kwid Revealed!!

Overview Nowadays most of the automobile companies are publicising about their servicing cost, that their service cost is the lowest among the market or among the segment. But really is it the case? Is the service cost really that cheap among the segment? Or is it just a hype which is created to show offContinue reading “Let’s Talk#18; Real Servicing cost of Renault Kwid Revealed!!”

Lets Talk#17; What happened with Hyundai Xcent and Aura??

Overview Hyundai Xcent which launched somewhere around March 2014 in the Indian market was somewhat a feature loaded deal present at that time. Though the car didn’t perform well for the domestic market, Hyundai thought to convert this for the commercial market, due to this Hyundai has launched its Xcent in the CNG variant too.Continue reading “Lets Talk#17; What happened with Hyundai Xcent and Aura??”

Let’s Talk#14; What to consider between Volkswagen and Skoda in India?

Overview Being the German manufacturers both Skoda and Volkswagen share same engines, designs, technologies in their vehicles. Moreover, Volkswagen hold 30% of the share of Skoda automobiles and Skoda being a subsidiary of Volkswagen motors shares same kinda specs. But the question for Indian customers is that what to choose between Skoda and Volkswagen andContinue reading “Let’s Talk#14; What to consider between Volkswagen and Skoda in India?”

Let’s Talk#13 ; What Happened with Mahindra Alturas G4 and Kia Carnival?

Overview Mahindra Alturas G4 which was launched in around November 2018 along with the partnership with Ssangyong and was the most luxurious SUV from Mahindra and Mahindra. It literally delivered all the features you can ever expect from an SUV. Moreover, the Kia Carnival which is also a luxurious but a MUV Van actually gotContinue reading “Let’s Talk#13 ; What Happened with Mahindra Alturas G4 and Kia Carnival?”

Let’s Talk#12; why Maruti acquires 48% of the Indian car industry?

Overview Have you ever thought while driving around or even when roaming around that most of the vehicles that you see on the roads are of Maruti Suzuki but have you wondered about it that why is it so? Well to answer this I have researched many reasons which are included in this next blogContinue reading “Let’s Talk#12; why Maruti acquires 48% of the Indian car industry?”

Let’s Talk#11; Icon Aircraft

Overview Well, scrolling in my YouTube feed I founded new and interesting tech which is a two seater comfy Airplane which don’t requires any dedicated runway or something professional like that it can literally be landed on beach or in a lake. Icon Aircraft which is an American manufacturer initially showed their prototype in aroundContinue reading “Let’s Talk#11; Icon Aircraft”

Let’s Talk#10; EV’s by Hyundai and Kia Motors

Overview Recently, an update striked on my phone about the EV’s that will be launched by Hyundai and Kia Motors in around 2023. As we all know suddenly a wave of electric vehicles has been started which was created by Hyundai initially with its Kona electric. And now Tata is playing a major role inContinue reading “Let’s Talk#10; EV’s by Hyundai and Kia Motors”

Let’s Talk#8; All you need to know about Lucid Motors

Overview Have you ever heard of the Lucid air vehicle which has the highest range among the EV’s on a single charge? Well, today’s Let’s Talk series is mainly focused on the Lucid motors which is now aiming only o the high tech EV’s. On the Point About the manufacturer An initial version of LucidContinue reading “Let’s Talk#8; All you need to know about Lucid Motors”

Let’s Talk#7; What Happened with Nissan?

Overview Right from 2005, Nissan was doing great in its automotive job, but after 2011 when Renault came in India Nissan’s sale got depreciated by a significant amount. So what has happened with Nissan which had a great starting in India but now is struggling to sell its vehicles? Well, we’ll discuss all of itContinue reading “Let’s Talk#7; What Happened with Nissan?”

Let’s Talk#6; What Technologies do Lexus owns?

Overview In this world like this which is now full of technological advancements and especially in the automobile sectors where there are new technologies coming every year including Regenerative Braking, EV’s etc. A new technology was also existed before which was primarily bought down by Lexus in India. So what does that really mean, whatContinue reading “Let’s Talk#6; What Technologies do Lexus owns?”