5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!

Overview DCT or Dual Clutch transmission is one of the most demanded Automatic transmission systems globally. With its high fuel efficiency over other AMTs and smoother performance DCT gearboxes are taking the roads of India. Since the gear shifts are smooth enough and are performance concerned DCT equipped vehicles are an open market for performanceContinue reading “5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!”

Upcoming vehicles in February 2022!!

Overview The first month of 2022 was full of new car arrivals starting with the BMW X3 to the reveal of Kia Carens. But February is actually full of new car launches, five of which are mentioned as under. On the Point Five vehicles that may get launched in February 2022 are as under: AudiContinue reading “Upcoming vehicles in February 2022!!”

Kia Carens Variants explained!

Overview Kia’s new MUV segment known as Carens the booking of which will commence on the 14th of January will have 5 variants on offer as officially released by Kia. The prices and features accordingly vary with the variants but to know what’s included in each follow the blog below. On the Point Kia CarensContinue reading “Kia Carens Variants explained!”