Prototype Vision#6; Hyundai 7 Concept

Overview Recently, Hyundai has unveiled its 7 concept which is basically its Ioniq series successor. The Hyundai 7 concept has been revealed in the Los Angeles motor show 2021, in which Hyundai has made so  much efforts to rival the EV’s which will be there by 2024. These rivaling EV includes Renault Morphoz, Volvo’s XC90Continue reading “Prototype Vision#6; Hyundai 7 Concept”

Let’s Talk#10; EV’s by Hyundai and Kia Motors

Overview Recently, an update striked on my phone about the EV’s that will be launched by Hyundai and Kia Motors in around 2023. As we all know suddenly a wave of electric vehicles has been started which was created by Hyundai initially with its Kona electric. And now Tata is playing a major role inContinue reading “Let’s Talk#10; EV’s by Hyundai and Kia Motors”