5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!

Overview DCT or Dual Clutch transmission is one of the most demanded Automatic transmission systems globally. With its high fuel efficiency over other AMTs and smoother performance DCT gearboxes are taking the roads of India. Since the gear shifts are smooth enough and are performance concerned DCT equipped vehicles are an open market for performanceContinue reading “5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!”

Review Series#43; Hyundai i20

Overview Hyundai i20’s facelift version launched had been launched one and a half years back, but still, the hatchback from Korean motors is a huge success, not only just because of its design language but also due to its engine performance. This blog’s main focus is on the normal version of the i20 and notContinue reading “Review Series#43; Hyundai i20”

Upcoming vehicles in April 2022!

Overview With the new launching every month, this April also comes with brand new launches in technology and convenience stuff as well. The Five vehicles that may get launched in April 2022 in India are covered in this blog. On the point Five vehicles that may get launched in April 2022 are as follows: HondaContinue reading “Upcoming vehicles in April 2022!”

5 Best Multi Utility Vehicles available in India

Overview MUV or Multi Utility vehicle happens to be the most prime after the SUV segment. Moreover, there are plenty of options available in the MUV segment in India, but picking one it’s very difficult actually. Some of the vehicles feature great mileage efficiency but lacks power, some are great in interior functionality but notContinue reading “5 Best Multi Utility Vehicles available in India”

Expected Car launches of 2022!!

Overview The 2021 year bought so many cars starting with Electric to all-time favorite SUVs. Moreover, many manufacturers replaced their entire portfolio in the past year including Skoda, Renault, Nissan, etc. But talking about 2022 many companies have claimed to launch or reveal their vehicle in the coming year few of which are mentioned under.Continue reading “Expected Car launches of 2022!!”

Review Series#33; Hyundai Verna

Overview Hyundai Verna’s first generation was launched in 2006 in India and from that time onwards Verna has attracted a lot of customers over time. With its advanced features and exterior & interior looks it is one of the most value for money sedans in the price bracket. Before continuing further, welcome to this nextContinue reading “Review Series#33; Hyundai Verna”

Lets Talk#17; What happened with Hyundai Xcent and Aura??

Overview Hyundai Xcent which launched somewhere around March 2014 in the Indian market was somewhat a feature loaded deal present at that time. Though the car didn’t perform well for the domestic market, Hyundai thought to convert this for the commercial market, due to this Hyundai has launched its Xcent in the CNG variant too.Continue reading “Lets Talk#17; What happened with Hyundai Xcent and Aura??”

Prototype Vision#6; Hyundai 7 Concept

Overview Recently, Hyundai has unveiled its 7 concept which is basically its Ioniq series successor. The Hyundai 7 concept has been revealed in the Los Angeles motor show 2021, in which Hyundai has made so  much efforts to rival the EV’s which will be there by 2024. These rivaling EV includes Renault Morphoz, Volvo’s XC90Continue reading “Prototype Vision#6; Hyundai 7 Concept”

New Hyundai Creta’s Design leaked!

The new Creta which was in great highlight a week ago, in which some leaked images came up from Indonesian Hyundai market but now all the design language including the interiors has been revealed! Some of the major design language was not as clear in the previous blog of Hyundai Creta Facelift. But now theContinue reading “New Hyundai Creta’s Design leaked!”

Top 5 selling cars from October 2021!!

Observing every month, the cars which sold the most in the October 2021 are as under: Maruti Suzuki Alto (Units Sold: 17,389) Maruti Suzuki Alto which is available with 1.0L K10B series engine is on the top in the list of most selling cars from October 2021. Alto comes under the segment of small sizedContinue reading “Top 5 selling cars from October 2021!!”