Everything about the new Honda HR-V 2023!

Overview Honda has finally unveiled its new HR-V with the new updated design in every aspect when compared to its previous version launched last year in the Asian markets. Being based on the underpinnings of the Civic the new HR-V possess a crossover-ish design in the segment. On the Point In terms of powertrain options,Continue reading “Everything about the new Honda HR-V 2023!”

Honda Civic Si

Few days back Honda launched its all-time favourite car i.e. the Honda Civic in new avatar named Honda Civic Si. The claimed made by Honda this time is that the new Civic Si will feature the best handling, best equipped and most fun to drive Civic ever. Well, these claims are true or not thisContinue reading “Honda Civic Si”

Best Direct hit Sedans! You must know about!

Overview The blog is just informatory purpose only and is not like any other series! The whole idea was to just highlight those sedans which are the best and you can really trust on them. On the Point In India after reviewing many sedans finally in my opinion the best 5 sedans are as under:Continue reading “Best Direct hit Sedans! You must know about!”

Ever heard of Stratified Injection system?

The Stratified Injection System can be defined when a Stratified charge is sent into the cylinders of a Spark Ignition (SI) Engine rather than the homogeneous charge to achieve higher compression ratios and a healthy (less fuel and more air) air/fuel ratios. Higher compression ratios allow the engine to deliver more power from the same combustionContinue reading “Ever heard of Stratified Injection system?”