Kia Carnival got its Limousine Plus update!

Recently, launched Kia Carnival which was previously available in Premium, Prestige and Limousine trim is now available in Limousine Plus trim which further adds more luxurious features to an already luxurious car. Well, the major changes has been done with its interiors as the seats are now gets some sort of a diamond treatment onContinue reading “Kia Carnival got its Limousine Plus update!”

Prototype Vision#1; Renault Morphoz

Overview Renault Morphoz is an electric car presented by Renault in March 2020. Basically, it is an overall package for sustainable future. It combines its modular interior that cannot be expected by anyone before seeing this beast. Moreover, the exteriors are the combination of future plus electric. Modular Interiors *Starting from steering wheel, Morphoz featuresContinue reading “Prototype Vision#1; Renault Morphoz”