Review Series#42; MG ZS EV 2022

Overview The new MG ZS EV had been launched a month ago and here is its Review, equipped with some new and minor changes MG finally again introduced its only electric facelift version in India. But before continuing Welcome to the next blog of the Review Series. On The Point MG ZS EV is poweredContinue reading “Review Series#42; MG ZS EV 2022”

Do you know about the Citroen C4 EV??

Overview Well, Citroen C5 Aircross hasn’t got any success in the Indian market but that doesn’t mean that the french car-maker Citroen is low on its profile. Citroen has a very good approach in the global market, especially for the markets of the U.K. and France. Moreover, since many car-makers seem very much interested inContinue reading “Do you know about the Citroen C4 EV??”

MG ZS EV Facelift What we know so far??

MG being in one of the companies which launched first electric vehicles in India. And now MG is planning upgrade its first electric vehicle in India i.e., MG ZS EV. The vehicle is initially intended for European markets but as far as its concern for Indian market it can be launch in somewhere around FebruaryContinue reading “MG ZS EV Facelift What we know so far??”

BYD e6 launched at a pricing if Rs. 29.60 lakhs.

Recently BYD motors which is creating a difference in electric buses especially in Karnataka side with it mark as Olectra has launched its first EV MUV segment in India at a pricing of Rs. 29.60 lakhs. The vehicle features some of the top-of-the-line specs from its technology to its design language. On to its Specs,Continue reading “BYD e6 launched at a pricing if Rs. 29.60 lakhs.”

Tata Motors promises to deliver 3500 Xpress T to BluSmart cab services.

Tata Motors recently has made a partnership with Blusmart cab services and promised to deliver 3500 Xpress T EVs to use them as CABS in Delhi and in NCR regions. BluSmart is India’s first electric cab service which is aiming to provide cab services with zero emissions across Delhi and NCR which are one ofContinue reading “Tata Motors promises to deliver 3500 Xpress T to BluSmart cab services.”

New EV’s from Honda?? Really?

Honda being a name in one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers across the globe is now preparing for its new EV line up. Referring in India especially, there is a huge rush in EV’s nowadays automobile manufacturers are just launching their EV’s but still there is not much infrastructure to support them. Starting fromContinue reading “New EV’s from Honda?? Really?”

Porsche Taycan passes the sale of Tesla Model S and Porsche 911 !!

Porsche Taycan which was launched somewhere around in December, 2019 has just passed the sale figures of Tesla Model S and its own Porsche 911. Well, the demand of electric vehicles can be seen from this figure and this shows that this will be going to increase more. On to the point, the Porsche TaycanContinue reading “Porsche Taycan passes the sale of Tesla Model S and Porsche 911 !!”

Where are the EV’s from Maruti Suzuki?

Looking at this rush where all the manufacturers are pushing their limits in the EV sector including Tata with its Nexon and Tigor EV Maruti Suzuki which acquires nearly 48% of the Indian Automotive market has not even released the trailer of its EV’s! And to this the blog is all about! In my opinionContinue reading “Where are the EV’s from Maruti Suzuki?”

Audi e-tron GT

Overview On 22nd of September 2021 Audi launched its all time favorite vehicle in India. Yes it’s the Audi e-tron GT which is available in RS trim too. Well, the wave of electric which is initially generated by Hyundai Kona in India followed by MG ZS EV. And at last Tata has entered in thisContinue reading “Audi e-tron GT”

Tesla Postponed their launch of Model 3 in India!

Tesla which is in great news nowadays in Indian market has postponed its launch of Model 3 in India. Since we all know the main problem in launching Tesla cars in India according to Tesla was the higher import taxes but now certain more issues has arrived on its way. Recently, many Tesla cars hasContinue reading “Tesla Postponed their launch of Model 3 in India!”