Thinking about the new Polo to land in India??

Overview Volkswagen Polo as we know is a great hatchback from VW motors but unfortunately, the current model available in India doesn’t feature any significant and major technological upgrade as compared to its competitors. Except it’s a 1.0L TSI engine, nothing is upgraded in this vehicle from its first generation which was landed in India.Continue reading “Thinking about the new Polo to land in India??”

Skoda Kodiaq Launched at Rs. 34.99 Lakh

Overview Skoda is another brand from the list of German Manufacturers that was seen as highly active during the second part of 2021 with the launch of its Skoda Octavia, Kushaq, and at the last with the unveil of Slavia. Now it has come up with the launch of their full-sized SUV i.e. the Kodiaq.Continue reading “Skoda Kodiaq Launched at Rs. 34.99 Lakh”

Volkswagen Tiguan launched in India – Starting price Rs. 31.99lakhs!!!

Overview Another launch from the German manufacturer Volkswagen is the Tiguan in India. Tiguan which happens to be a full-sized SUV is now added to the Volkswagon’s portfolio in India. Tiguan features a variety of premium specs few of which are listed below: Engine and Powertrain Tiguan is powered just like the recent Audi’s A4Continue reading “Volkswagen Tiguan launched in India – Starting price Rs. 31.99lakhs!!!”

Skoda Karoq 2022 unveiled!!

Overview After launching its Slavia in India, the german manufacturer has revealed its next vehicle which happens to be an SUV named Karoq and a few specs related to it are mentioned below: Engine and Powertrain Skoda Koraq is globally unveiled with two diesel and three petrol engine options. The power outputs of the aboveContinue reading “Skoda Karoq 2022 unveiled!!”

Review Series#19; Skoda Superb

Overview Along with Skoda Rapid, Superb was a well-known brand for the manufacturer, and that too from the very starting. Literally Superb is the best example from German engineering under the Volkswagen branding. Well, to know more about and to dive in stay with this next blog of the Review Series! On the Point SkodaContinue reading “Review Series#19; Skoda Superb”