Review Series#43; Hyundai i20

Overview Hyundai i20’s facelift version launched had been launched one and a half years back, but still, the hatchback from Korean motors is a huge success, not only just because of its design language but also due to its engine performance. This blog’s main focus is on the normal version of the i20 and notContinue reading “Review Series#43; Hyundai i20”

Review Series#33; Hyundai Verna

Overview Hyundai Verna’s first generation was launched in 2006 in India and from that time onwards Verna has attracted a lot of customers over time. With its advanced features and exterior & interior looks it is one of the most value for money sedans in the price bracket. Before continuing further, welcome to this nextContinue reading “Review Series#33; Hyundai Verna”