5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!

Overview DCT or Dual Clutch transmission is one of the most demanded Automatic transmission systems globally. With its high fuel efficiency over other AMTs and smoother performance DCT gearboxes are taking the roads of India. Since the gear shifts are smooth enough and are performance concerned DCT equipped vehicles are an open market for performanceContinue reading “5 affordable DCT vehicles to choose from!”

Review Series#43; Hyundai i20

Overview Hyundai i20’s facelift version launched had been launched one and a half years back, but still, the hatchback from Korean motors is a huge success, not only just because of its design language but also due to its engine performance. This blog’s main focus is on the normal version of the i20 and notContinue reading “Review Series#43; Hyundai i20”

Review Series#41; Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Overview Maruti Suzuki Celerio which was launched a month ago features some completely new facelift features and is definitely an upgrade from the previous version of the Celerio. With the addition of new platform new tech stuff, how much the Celerio would be considered as the right choice among the hatchback segment? And just answerContinue reading “Review Series#41; Maruti Suzuki Celerio”

Review Series#40; 2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Overview Maruti Suzuki has launched their new age Baleno named 2022 Baleno a few weeks before. The major highlights of the car include the new HUD (Heads up display), Nextgen Smart Play Studio, and the new 360 degrees parking system. But how are other things working, well to know more continue to this next blogContinue reading “Review Series#40; 2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno”

No Electrical ORVMs on Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun??

Overview Skoda Kushaq was launched in the mid of 2021 and so is the case with the Volkswagen Taigun but now both the car-makers removed an appealing feature from their vehicle which happens to be the Electrically foldable ORVM. As we all know there’s a chip shortage from which almost all tech companies are sufferingContinue reading “No Electrical ORVMs on Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun??”

5 Reasons not to buy Volkswagen Polo in 2022!

Overview Volkswagen Polo’s facelifted version has been launched several times in the Indian market and so was the case a few years back. But is it really worth it to buy Volkswagen Polo in 2022? Well to know more follow the blog! On the Point Volkswagen Polo suffers many limitations in comparison with its competitorsContinue reading “5 Reasons not to buy Volkswagen Polo in 2022!”

Toyota C+ Pod – Better than Tata Nano??

Overview Toyota has introduced its two-seater electric vehicle, which is even smaller than Tata Nano! The vehicle is entirely made for city driving purposes and is purely electric-based which makes its environment friendly too.  On the Point Toyota C+ Pod is powered by a 9.06kWh Lithium-ion battery which can make the vehicle capable to coverContinue reading “Toyota C+ Pod – Better than Tata Nano??”

Review series#35; Volkswagen Polo – Still a traditional German vehicle

Overview Polo was launched in India in around 2010, and for the past 11 years it is one of the most reputed products from the brand and this is not only about in India, across the globe Polo has impressed many customers especially because of its engine power. Well, before continuing Welcome to the nextContinue reading “Review series#35; Volkswagen Polo – Still a traditional German vehicle”

Expected Car launches of 2022!!

Overview The 2021 year bought so many cars starting with Electric to all-time favorite SUVs. Moreover, many manufacturers replaced their entire portfolio in the past year including Skoda, Renault, Nissan, etc. But talking about 2022 many companies have claimed to launch or reveal their vehicle in the coming year few of which are mentioned under.Continue reading “Expected Car launches of 2022!!”

Prototype Series#7; All about Kia Niro Crossover

Overview Kia Niro has been unveiled a few days ago and this time there are huge improvements from its previous generations. Moreover, the improvement has also been done in the platform of the vehicle differentiating it from all other EV’s offered from Kia Motors. Before continuing, welcome to this next blog of the Prototype Series.Continue reading “Prototype Series#7; All about Kia Niro Crossover”