NIO ET5 EV with 1000Km of insane range!!!

Overview Recently, Nio which is a Chinese car manufacturer launched their ET5 from the ET series lineup, the car packs amazing features including its charging range and its premium appeal. Powertrain  On the Point, the car is available only in the Chinese market to date and is offered in three different build options in whichContinue reading “NIO ET5 EV with 1000Km of insane range!!!”

Expected Car launches of 2022!!

Overview The 2021 year bought so many cars starting with Electric to all-time favorite SUVs. Moreover, many manufacturers replaced their entire portfolio in the past year including Skoda, Renault, Nissan, etc. But talking about 2022 many companies have claimed to launch or reveal their vehicle in the coming year few of which are mentioned under.Continue reading “Expected Car launches of 2022!!”

Review Series#30; MG Gloster

Overview After its Hector which is a full-sized SUV, MG decided to launch its Gloster which is an oversized one. The Gloster initially launched somewhere around October 2020. The giant SUV packs all the features and all the comforts in its class rivaling the popular SUVs in the segment. Before continuing welcome to the nextContinue reading “Review Series#30; MG Gloster”

MG Astor Launched at Rs. 9.78lakhs

Unveiled on 15th of September MG Astor is now launched on 11th of October with the pricing of Rs. 9.78lakhs to Rs. 16.78lakhs which are introductory as of now. Moreover, the price for the ADAS package is yet to be released. Technically, MG Astor is powered by Brit Dynamic 220 Turbo Petrol engine having aContinue reading “MG Astor Launched at Rs. 9.78lakhs”