Vehicle’s Scrappage policy: All you need to know about it!

Overview Government of India has finally taken decision on old vehicle which are running over 15 years. The programme features to replace old vehicles from the roads of India  this is done to reduce the pollution, Recycle old materials, to create more jobs and to boost Indian automobile sector How? Just read the blog further.Continue reading “Vehicle’s Scrappage policy: All you need to know about it!”

Let’s Talk #2 BMW’s i Series

Overview First of all welcome to the new episode of Let’s Talk series. We’re gonna talk about BMW’s most exciting, most surprising, most futuristic series i.e. the I series which currently includes three cars in it namely i8, i3, iX. Well I don’t know if that ‘X’ stands for ‘Ten (10)’ or not do lemmeContinue reading “Let’s Talk #2 BMW’s i Series”

Ever heard about Micro Hybrid?

Heard of Micro Hybrid? It’s a tech which stops/kills the engine when not used in a certain period of time and starts it when the driver presses the clutch/accelerator.  Now, cars with this tech. are fitted with a deep cycle battery which on signal from the clutch/accelerator starts the Engine. Different car manufacturers use different TechniquesContinue reading “Ever heard about Micro Hybrid?”

Dacia Duster: Is the new Renault Duster coming?

Overview Renault’s sub brand Dacia which is a Romanian group has a new Duster. As of now most of the cars from Renault in India has been launched with exactly same design and configurations as its sub brand Dacia owns. The cars which are launched by Dacia and which were launched by Renault in IndiaContinue reading “Dacia Duster: Is the new Renault Duster coming?”

Jeep Gladiator: The Real Beast

Overview Have you heard about large size transporter truck’s having 6×6 capabilities? Well, now that is coming to Jeep’s Wrangler and this was made possible by a modifier’s and detailing company ‘Next level’. They engineered it down in such a way that now the Jeep Gladiator has 6 wheels. On the Point A Jeep whichContinue reading “Jeep Gladiator: The Real Beast”

All you need to know about Ola AirPro

Overview After 6 years of Research and development Ola has finally developed its sustainable flying car named Ola AirPro. What the company claims about all its specs, its design, it’s built is just not more than a magic. Not only its flying capability but also its normal features will drive you crazy and if youContinue reading “All you need to know about Ola AirPro”

Why XL6 failed to attract Indian Customers?

XL6 Launched on the 21st of August 2019 and is under the Maruti Suzuki brand XL6 haven’t made the mark of other MS vehicles. With its bold exteriors and classy, feature-contained interiors XL6 clearly provided a good Customer Experience. But some of the mistakes which made it fail like this are listed below: Same CopiedContinue reading “Why XL6 failed to attract Indian Customers?”

Let’s Talk #1

Tesla in India Recently Madan Gowri tweeted Elon Musk to launch Tesla cars in India as soon as possible; to this Elon Musk replied that import duties are the highest in the world of any country. Moreover Tesla cars do not match with Indian Environmental goals.  But high import taxes and not having efficient IndianContinue reading “Let’s Talk #1”