Maruti Suzuki Baleno Interiors

Maruti Suzuki has launched their new age Baleno named 2022 Baleno a few weeks before. The major highlights of the car include the new HUD (Heads up display), Nextgen Smart Play Studio, and the new 360 degrees parking system.

Technology and interiors

The interiors have been massively revised with the new dashboard design which is hugely dominated by the new steering wheel which happens to be carried from Maruti Suzuki Swift and the new Smart Play Studio. The color scheme of the interiors feels very matchy even with the seat cover design. The new infotainment system happens to be 22.68cm in size and features Maruti Suzuki’s new-age app connection system. Below the infotainment system there sits the automatic Air conditioning system which features physical buttons.

The central console feature a full-sized USB charging socket with a standard 12V charging socket. The gear lever is finished in some sort of chrome treatment and the twin cupholders have been placed just in front of it.

On to the driver’s side, the steering wheel features mounted controls and the wheel can be adjusted both for height and reach. The instrument cluster is also nice but nothing has been changed in it and is solely from the previous Baleno. A new Heads Up display happens to be intact in a glass slab and is further a reclinable unit that can be controlled via physical controls mounted on the side of the steering wheel.

The rear compartment features a lot of space especially when the hatchback segment is considered just like the previous age Baleno. The rear seat gets two adjustable headrests with a 60:40 splitting seat ratio.

The AC vents have also been provided for the rear passengers with a full-sized USB and USB-Type C ports for charging.

The seat is comfortable enough considering the hatchback segment, with a good amount of legroom, knee room, and under-thigh support Baleno is the best in terms of rear comfort. The boot carrying capacity which happens to 318L is great but is significantly smaller than the previous age Baleno by 21 Litres.  

In terms of safety measures, Baleno 2022 is based on the HEARTECT platform just like the previous one but features other safety techs such as 6 Airbags, 360 degrees parking cameras, etc.

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Well, no confusion Maruti manufactures only value-for-money vehicles which are in great demand in India. The value-for-money features such as the high-efficiency, longer life, and of course wide service network aid to increase the sale figure of its vehicles. The Baleno is truly made on these objectives with few upgrades on safety.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Maruti Suzuki’s official website.

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