Review Series#41; Maruti Suzuki Celerio


Maruti Suzuki Celerio which was launched a month ago features some completely new facelift features and is definitely an upgrade from the previous version of the Celerio. With the addition of new platform new tech stuff, how much the Celerio would be considered as the right choice among the hatchback segment? And just answer this Review Series is right here!

On the Point

Celerio is powered by a 3 cylinder 1.0L K10C petrol engine which is an aluminum-built unit. The engine is capable of producing 49kW@5500rpm with a maximum torque output of around 89Nm@3500rpm. In transmission type Celerio is available in both manual and Automatic transmission but in the CNG variant, only manual transmission option is available. The vehicle returns up to a mileage of 24.97-26kmpl (both manual and automatic inclusive). In the CNG version, the mileage is about 35.60km/kg.

For more specs, the Quick Specs sheet is right under:


With Exteriors

Starting with its front look Celerio features halogen headlamps, foglamps, and indicators as well with no tints and extra bulkiness stuff. The grill is split into two halves by a chrome lining with the Suzuki logo in its center.

The side profile will remind you much of the S-Presso and just like it, Celerio is plain and simple except for the alloy wheels which seem to be finished in gunmetal finish. The request sensor is present at the driver’s side and also on the boot and it seems to be an after-market type as it doesn’t match any style language of the vehicle.

At the rear, the taillamps are really big and are completely halogen units with indicators and reverse parking lights. Celerio also features reverse parking sensors, reverse wipers along with the washers which are a really nice touch. 

With Interiors

Starting with the dashboard design it is just fantastic with lots of cuts and creases and the at its center the infotainment system sits which happens to be a smart play studio unit available across all the Maruti vehicles. 

Below, the infotainment system the controls for the front power windows sit along with Hazer light and child lock switch. The Ac controls are placed further below it and are a manual control system.

The central console is again simple and basic with twin cupholders and some space to keep smartphones. USB socket and a standard 12V charging socket are also provided at the central console. The gear lever is also surrounded by the chrome treatment and the controls for the rear power windows are placed just behind the hand brake.

On to the Driver’s side, the steering wheel is adjustable for height and feature mounted controls for the infotainment system. The driver’s seat features a manual height adjust function which is kinda great for a hatchback. The instrument cluster features a massive speedometer and mini circular display which functions as a tachometer and serves other cluster functions as well.

The rear compartment is kinda nice with a 60:40 split on offer to increase the boot carrying capacity massively. Meanwhile, the rear seat features good knee room, under-thigh support, and headroom as well. The power window controls have been placed just behind the handbrake (just told previously) this is just to make them approachable by the driver and the rear passengers at the same time.

The boot space is also fine rather it’s big enough with a space of 313L, which is just decent for a car in this segment.


Well, there are a bulk of drawbacks in the Celerio but a few of them are mentioned as under:

  • Exposed parts: Well, there are a lot of exposed stuff happenings in the new Celerio, and an example of which is in the pedal area in which the steering wheel shaft is clearly visible and a lot of other wirings too. This thing is absolutely disappointing as many of its competitors even at lower price points take care of this thing.
  • Hard Plastics: The way Maruti Suzuki has done cost-cutting in the new Celerio is so much that even normal plastics used are of the cheapest quality. This ruins the overall appeal of the vehicle.
  • Boot Lip: The loading lip of the vehicle is too high making it a complete mess for the user to put his/her luggage inside.
  • Completely Over Priced: The new Celerio is completely overpriced as when compared to its rivals the same engine and same transmission options with better convenience features and space are available in 50k less. 


Well, the new Celerio can be a better option only if you want great mileage in city driving conditions as the new Celerio claims the best mileage in the hatchback segment and it’s is one of the greatest highlights.

Other than this, its rivals are complete winners in terms of convenience, features, looks, exterior stylings, etc.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Maruti Suzuki’s official website.

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