Prototype Series#6; Audi’s Skysphere


Audi Skysphere was unveiled in California as a part of Monterey Car Week on August 13th, 2021. The vehicle is solely a prototype and futuristic version of Audi’s German engineering. With Level 4 ADAS the vehicle can completely work as an autonomous machine without the intrusion of the driver.

On the Point

Covering its powertrain options first Audi is powered by a 465kW power motor which sits on the rear axle and makes the car go from 0-100kmph in just 4 seconds aided by 750Nm of torque. The weight distribution system of the vehicle is also on the next level with 60% of the weight of the vehicle is distributed on the rear axle and the rest lying on the front.

For the sake of this weight distribution, the batteries can be placed behind the cabin and even in the central tunnel of the vehicle’s interiors for the sake of better dynamics. The battery capacity is not yet fixed and neither it will be as this is a prototype version but for sure it will be above 80kWh to provide a range of more than 500kms. 


With Exteriors

The new Audi Skysphere is based on the legendary Horch which was the most luxurious and powerful vehicle in around 1930’s. Later the company was converted into Audi motors. Coming on to the design again, the front look is entirely made of LED lights which are spread across the bumper and top of it, composing the grill of the vehicle. The same arrangement of LEDs can be seen at the rear too. These LEDs form different patterns at different occurrences such as while converting from GT mode to sports. The front headlamps have also been merged with these small LED units and the same is the case with the rear symbol of Audi which is entirely made of the red LED light.

The side profile of the Skysphere prototype will somehow remind you of the Horch as the rear side of the car feels overextended to accommodate passenger’s luggage as well the batteries. The wheelbase of the vehicle measure 5.23 meters in GT mode and in sports mode it reduces to 5.19 meters.

With Interiors

Since, the Audi’s Skysphere prototype is based on level 4 ADAS, the steering wheel, gear lever, and even the pedals can be hidden in the GT mode, giving the passengers a full sense of autonomous capability. The dashboard is all surrounded by the screens through which the user can attract with the vehicle and even with the internet on the go. Moreover, for the sake of convenience, the screen displays have also been made available at the door.

Talking about the sports mode and as soon as the user puts the vehicle into it, the steering wheel, the pedals, and the gear lever comes out. And to make this tech possible Audi actually has made the vehicle decrease its length in sports mode. This feature also aids the driver to come closer to the steering wheel, resulting in a better grip on the vehicle. 

The doors of the vehicle are fully automatic just like the prototype, this has also been made because the doors are long enough and demand higher strength in order to be closed. The prototype also features a boot that is covered with glass on the outside and is massive enough to accommodate all the luggage of the passengers.


Well, the car has not been made for domestic use and is just a prototype, which means that some of its features will be made available to the existing Audi line-up. And if it would be, it will not be made available in India.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Audi.

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