Let’s Talk#17; Why do Maruti Vehicles have great mileage efficiencies??


Almost all Maruti Suzuki vehicles nowadays feature superb mileage efficiencies starting from their Alto to their most expensive one S-Cross and now the new Celerio is the real king especially in terms of mileage efficiency. But what are the main reasons for this greater fuel economy ever wondered? 

On the Point

Some of the main reasons for these greater fuel efficiencies are as under:

  • Body Composition

Almost all vehicles from Maruti Suzuki are based on the HEARTECT platform which is very light as compared to the body platforms offered by other vehicle manufacturers.

According to Maruti Suzuki, the Heartect Platform is composed of Advanced High Tensile steel which helps to ensure the safety of occupants during collisions. Also, the Heartect platform is lighter up to 30kg’s which helps to improve the power to body ratio.

  • Improved Engines

Nowadays almost every vehicle from Maruti Suzuki features improved and refined engines. Almost all vehicles are based on K-Series Petrol engines such as the K10, K15B, etc. These K-Series engines are supremely refined and offer smooth performance because of their low friction oil, thermal efficiency, etc, and result in no vibration, noise, or any sort of a jerk. 

Another main reason for improved efficiency for these engines is that none of these engines are equipped with Turbochargers to increase the power and torque output dramatically. This indicates engines from Maruti Suzuki are specially made to deal with better fuel economy.

  • Hybrid System

The heavier vehicles Such as Ciaz, Ertiga, etc. that are equipped with higher engines come fitted with their Hybrid technology. This Hybrid system comes with a dual battery setup which helps in energy regeneration at the time of braking. The energy stored is used to assist the vehicle in terms of torque and aids in the standard acceleration of the vehicle. This thing increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and results in the claimed fuel efficiency of Ciaz as 20-21kmpl in Petrol and for the Diesel engine which is now discontinued returns up to a mileage of 28kmpl (claimed). 

  • Less power consuming features

Maruti vehicles do not contain any function which consumes higher energy or power, this feature list includes Ventilated seats, shocker damping, or any other feature which requires higher energy to operate.

This doesn’t affect the claimed efficiency of their vehicles but for sure improves the actual and practical fuel economy which the customer experiences.


Well, the conclusion rests in if you want a vehicle with the best mileage in the segment then you can or you should surely go for the Maruti Suzuki but at the same time if you’re more into acceleration and power you should go for some other brands.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Maruti Suzuki’s official website.

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