5 Reasons not to buy Volkswagen Polo in 2022!


Volkswagen Polo’s facelifted version has been launched several times in the Indian market and so was the case a few years back. But is it really worth it to buy Volkswagen Polo in 2022? Well to know more follow the blog!

On the Point

Volkswagen Polo suffers many limitations in comparison with its competitors and 5 major problems with it are mentioned below:

  1. Rear Compartment

The first of its major problem happens to be with its compartment, Which does not feature a center armrest, Middle passenger headrest, and no flat floor. Moreover, the cabin is quite narrower which makes it difficult to fit even three passengers comfortably.

  1. Infotainment System

The infotainment system on the Volkswagen Polo is just a traditional unit the one which is seen on very older vehicles. It does not support Android Auto, Apple Car Play, or even voice commands. In terms of connectivity, only the Volkswagen Connect app feature is provided which is full of hassles and is not at all smooth.

  1. Interior Quality

The main thing which is expected from every German engineered vehicle is their interior, but in the case of Polo, a lot of use of Hard plastics is made. Moreover, the lower part of the dashboard is insane and freakingly built on the cheapest hard quality plastics.  

  1. Exterior stuff

The price point in which the Polo is offered includes under the vehicles which include luxury components ion their exteriors such as Projector, LED headlamps or even sometimes both the same is the case with the Taillamps but none of these can be seen on the Volkswagen’s Polo. the lights are just the same as on its first model which rolled for the Indian market except for some minor cuts and creases.

  1. Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is just another main reason that just makes the customer rethink again for the Volkswagen Polo as the competitors offer more latest and digital graphic designed cluster which also enhances the overall feature list of the vehicle.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Volkswagen India’s official Website.

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