What all features do the new Range Rover 2022 packs?


A few days ago, Land Rover has launched its new and all-time favorite SUV named Range Rover with a new design especially in the rear design, and some amount of changes in its interiors as well. The already redefined vehicle is now smoother than ever with new minor cuts and creases here and there Land Rover introduced Range Rover with a pricing of Rs. 2.31Crores which is exceptionally expensive but at the same time packs a lot of features as well.

On the Point

The new major highlights regarding the new Range Rover 2022 are as under:

  1. Engine and Powertrain Options
  • The new Range Rover is offered in three engine options as of now.
  • The first one is a 3.0L mild-hybrid Petrol engine which produces 394HP with 550Nm of Torque output.
  • The second one is the 3.0L Diesel engine capable of producing 346HP along with a torque output of 700Nm.
  • The third and the last one is the 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 which produces 523Hp along with 750Nm of torque.
  • Both the 3.0L Petrol and Diesel motor comes equipped with a mild-hybrid system which is further equipped with a 48V battery that helps to improve the fuel efficiency and aids the vehicle in torque assist when required.
  • The Range Rover’s All wheel Drive capability comes standard across all the variants.
  • The new Range Rover also gets all-wheel steering capability in which the rear axle is acapble to turn the vehicle alone by upto 7 degrees, Making the overall Turning Radius as low as possible.
  1. Technology with Exteriors
  • The major upgrade in the exterior is done with the rear profile of the vehicle in which the lights are vertically placed and are visible only when in use.
  • The rear profile is also mated with a floss black finished panel and the tail-lamps used are one of powerful LED units as claimed.
  • Minor changes has also been done with the front part of the vehicle such as the Headlights contains 1.2 million individual mirrors that are used to reflect the light from the mirrors mounted in the rear.
  • The front grilles have also been redesigned and the door handles now are of flush types which was first seen on the Range Rover Velar.
  1. Technology with Interiors
  • The range Rover 2022 is now available with a configurable 5/7 seater option. In which a long wheel base version is also on sale.
  • It gets a floating 13.1 inch system which covers about 90% of the total functions inside the vehicle. Moreover, every feature can be controlled in just 2 presses and also with the haptic feedback. The two are now standard across all the variants starting from the bottom to the top.
  • The infotainment system is operated on the latest Land Rover’s Pivi Pro operating system which is now enhanced with more features.
  • The infotainment system is also mated with a 35 spaeker (1600W) Meridian Signature Sound System which also consists of Noise cancelling active mics which is capable of even cutting the tyre noises and every noise incorporated with the movement of the vehicle.
  • The infotainment system is also paired with a 13.7-inch instrument cluster which also works on the Pivi Pro Operating system.
  • The AC controls are incorporated in dial-type mechanism.
  • Along with all this the rear compartment features two individual displays for the rear passengers 11.4 inches in size which is further connected with an 8.0 inch display right positioned in the central armrest.


Well, Range Rover is a well-recognized vehicle on its own and it doesn’t even need any sort of advertising from the Land Rover group. With the best capability in almost everything, the new Range Rover is made to rule the road!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Land Rover’s official website.

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