Prototype Series#8; Sony Vision-S O2 Electric SUV


A few days ago Sony Mobility Inc. has unveiled its EV concept which is based on its past concept showcased in 2020 and named Saloon. Though the car looks very similar to its predecessor the differentiating part this time is its feature list.

On the Point

Sony Mobility Inc. which will be launched somewhere around the spring (around March-May), the operating company is a way through the firm Sony will enter the EV market. The models which will be launched somewhere in the future will be based on Sony’s developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Technologies.

Moreover, due to all this Sony’s stock went up by 4.5 percent as the report from Financial Times.

Things we know?

Talking about its powertrain options, the new Vision-S O2 will be based on its predecessor i.e. on Saloon with 272Hp of the motor on each axle giving it a capability of 4×4.

Except that this new concept can exceed 180kmph Sony hasn’t confirmed or released any official specs sheet yet. Moreover, like the Saloon, the seating capacity in the Vision SO2 can be increased by folding the rear seats.

Moreover, there are certain assumptions regarding the autonomy of the vehicle that it will consist of various high sensitivity, high resolution, and wide dynamic range sensors in order to ensure higher safety standards and also to make the competition tougher especially with the Tesla Model Y crossover, the segment in which it lies.

Apart from this, the concept can also feature ADAS (Autonomous Driving Assistance System) Level 2 for greater driving assistance.

Since, we also know that Sony is one of the leaders in electronic items such as music systems, Gaming Consoles (PS), and also in the Television Department, etc. This capability of Sony is also carried by its Concept EV and it will feature a Surround sound system. Apart from this, there can be a Panoramic infotainment display, and also the rear seats will be occupied with individual passenger displays which can also be used to play games using the gaming console from the Playstation series.


Well, it’s no secret that most of the electronic-based companies are entering into the EV sector starting from Google with their first Autonomous EV concept and this would probably be continued by Apple. Not only this the manufactures like LG and Panasonic are too entering the EV market by supplying the most trusted EV batteries. 

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Sony’s official website.

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