Toyota C+ Pod – Better than Tata Nano??


Toyota has introduced its two-seater electric vehicle, which is even smaller than Tata Nano! The vehicle is entirely made for city driving purposes and is purely electric-based which makes its environment friendly too. 

On the Point

Toyota C+ Pod is powered by a 9.06kWh Lithium-ion battery which can make the vehicle capable to cover 150km in just one go (under Ideal conditions). This battery can be charged using the 200V/16A charger which takes 5 hrs to charge the vehicle completely. While the standard 200V/6A power outlet takes 16 hrs to charge the car completely.

Major Highlights

Few major highlights about the Toyota C+ Pod are as under

  • The dimensions of the vehicle are 2490mm in length, 1290mm in width and 1550mm in height.
  • This dimension makes this vehicle more convenient, especially in city areas.
  • The turning radius is 3.9m making this vehicle turn in the smallest area possible.
  • The headlights and tail lamps are all LED units, this has been done to reduce the battery consumption in comparison with the normal halogens.
  • The overall build of the vehicle is done using only plastic making the vehicle lighter in terms of weight.


Well, the vehicle is just introduced in the Chinese market where its price varies between 10-12 lakhs, which is slightly on the expensive side. But literally, there’s a lot of need for these types of vehicles in India but at a cheaper price segment. Moreover, if Nano could be relaunched in the EV segment and of course at a cheaper price segment then it could be a great product for the Indian market.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Toyota’s official website.

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