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From the very first in around September 2019, Hector had created its mark in the automotive market among the SUV segment. MG had launched it, Hector, with Kia’s first Seltos and both, were in great demand at that time. Back then MG also introduced the new facelift version of the MG Hector around January 2021 which was kinda same as the previous one except for some minor changes.

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On the front, Hector gets LED DRL’s which also function as a swipe indicator. The grill in the facelift version has been also filled with a full of chrome finish with the huge MG logo on its center. Under the DRL’s the headlamps feature a projector setup which further features automatic function. Moreover, one of the lamps in the headlight setup features a follow-me function.

On to the sides, the MG Hector absolutely looks stunning with the bigger tires in the facelifted version. Moreover, the ORVM’s has a lot more to talk about themselves the first is that they feature heated function, they are internally power-adjustable, they feature welcome light feature too. Other than the ORVM’s the side profile of the MG Hector looks really long and it is actually the fact that MG Hector is the longest in the segment which is adding more space and comfort experience to this longest in the segment vehicle.

The rear profile of the Hector has been revised in the facelifted version as earlier the car features a red reflector which joins the two tail lamps of course at the rear but now there is no such thing as such making the Hector looks more classic and minimalistic. The rear side also features twin fake exhausts along with the skid plate.

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Well, MG Hector is the longest, quite spacious, and comfortable SUV cum MUV vehicle with lots of technologies and connectivities integrated within it. And to be honest it will be a good buy if you are thinking of it as an option.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Website of MG India.

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