Review series#35; Volkswagen Polo – Still a traditional German vehicle


Polo was launched in India in around 2010, and for the past 11 years it is one of the most reputed products from the brand and this is not only about in India, across the globe Polo has impressed many customers especially because of its engine power. Well, before continuing Welcome to the next blog of the Review Series.

On the Point

Volkswagen Polo is powered by two petrol motors one is the 1.0L TSI unit and the other is a 1.0L MPi unit. The TSI unit produces a power of about 110PS@5000-5500rpm with a torque output of about 175Nm@1750-4000rpm. The second one which is the MPi unit produces power of about 76PS@6200rpm with a torque output of 95Nm@2950-3800rpm.

The MPi engine is mated only with a 5-speed manual transmission while the TSI engine is integrated with both manual and automatic 6-speed transmission systems.

For more specs refer to the Quick Specs sheet as under:


With Exteriors

Starting with the front the facelift version of the Polo does not feature some major changes as the headlights are still halogens and so as the indicators and fog lamps. The front grille is crafted in the honeycomb structure of course with the VW at the center. The bumper is also very simple and decent along with some skids and body cladding.

The side profile’s main highlight is the alloy wheel of course and also the grey-colored body cladding which runs across the whole vehicle.

The rear design also looks decent and similar to its previous generation with of course halogen tail lamps, indicators, rear fog lamps, and the reverse parking lights it reminds somehow of the older cars. The rear design language also includes reverse parking sensors, rear wiper, and also logo flush mechanism to open the boot.

With Interiors

Starting with the dashboard it just follows the same old tradition of the german cars, however, it still looks nice with the fully black interiors along with grey accents in between. The infotainment system is all traditional units with lots of controls on the outside it also contains connect app feature. The central console is also nice with above-average storage solutions along with a 12V standard USB socket.  

The front seats are also nice along with a quite good bolster. On to the driver’s side, the steering wheel is adjustable both for reach and rig and contains controls for the infotainment system. The instrument cluster is all analog traditional unit along with a small-sized mini display that shows basic information about the vehicle. 

In the rear compartment, the first thing to notice is that VW has provided rear AC vents along with a bottle holder. The seats have a decent amount of headroom and a slightly below-average knee room. The headrests are adjustable and the boot is of a decent capacity of 280L.


Even the VW Polo is one of the greatest successes from German engineering but still with time it lacks and misses many features and comfort which are as under:

  • Infotainment System: The infotainment offered in the Polo currently does not feature Apple Car Play and Android Auto which is kinda basic for almost all the cars being offered in the market.
  • Rear compartment: The rear compartment have no comfort at all with poor under-thigh support to narrower compartment all this makes the rear passengers compromise with their comfort. Moreover, the floor is not flat and also there is no middle headrest.
  • Rear Armrest: There is no rear armrest present on the rear seat which is again disappointing as almost all of the cars even the hatchbacks feature rear armrests especially in this price bracket.
  • Exteriors: In the exteriors, the major problem is with the headlamps and tail lamps in the price bracket point at which the VW Polo is offered. The headlamps do not feature any projector or LED setup rather they are just normal halogen bulbs.


Well, Volkswagen Polo is a good option only because of its 1.0L TSI Petrol engine and probably one of the fastest hatchbacks available in India right now. And truly speaking the car is only meant for rev and acceleration, it can reach 110km/hr in just 2nd gear and that is the level of performance this German beast is offering!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from VW’s official website.

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