Top 5 failed vehicles of 2021!!

This year in 2021 many vehicles have launched few of which are successful and a few of them are a big failure for their respective manufacturers. The list of the failed vehicle for the vehicles that have very low-sales figures along with the main reason for their failures are listed below:

  • Citroen C5 Aircross

Citroen which is a French manufacturer just like Renault had launched its first vehicles at the very start of this year but the car which the company official have chosen was not right or perfect somehow for the Indian conditions.

Main Reasons for failures

  • Price Bracket: The Car is priced from 31.30 lakhs to 32.80 lakhs on-road Delhi which is very aggressive pricing especially for Indian customers. Because there are many more and other options to choose from in the Indian market. Moreover, the car doesn’t contain any specialty to make the mindset of the customer to choose it over others.
  • Advertising: Citroen from it starting i.e. at the time of the launch of its C5 Aircross haven’t a penny on its advertising. Due to which till date people don’t know that a company of this name even exists!
  • Bolero Neo

Bolero Neo is not more than a wrapped version of TUV3OO which had gone on sale from July 31, 2021. This was actually done to increase the sale of the TUV3OO, but unfortunately, it had an opposite effect on Mahindra’s all-time favorite real Bolero and even the brand reputation has also been compromised as there were very few units which were sold of the Bolero Neo and due to which the original Bolero’s sales figure had also fallen. The customers of the Bolero Neo are also not satisfied with their purchase at all.

Main Reason for failures: 

  • Value for money: The main problem with the Mahindra Bolero Neo is its value for money in the Indian market, this wrapped vehicle is nothing but a TUV3OO and is 1.5lacs more expensive than the regular Bolero, and this thing is disappointing.
  • Jeep Compass (Facelift)

When the Jeep Compass was initially launched many customers are willing to buy it, due to which there was a craze among the customers about the Compass. But later on, this craze was declined gradually, So the manufacturer released its facelift version this year. But there is no impact at all with this in the Jeep’s sales figure.

Main Reason for failures:

  • How a Facelift?: The new facelift version of the Compass does not have any major change in its exteriors and interiors except the little bit of black styling on the outside to make the car bolder and also a new instrument cluster in its interiors.
  • Variants: Jeep Compass is available in 14 variants but there are two main problems with them, First one is that only the lowermost variant which is offered in Petrol supports Manual transmission and except for it, all the variants are available in the Automatic option. Secondly, no 4×4 capability is available in the Petrol variant and is only available in diesel.
  • Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

D-Max V-Cross from Isuzu was launched on May 13, 2021, and from that day very few units have been sold off. The units are very few that the company hasn’t shared its sales figure even.

Main Problems of Failures

  • Company: Isuzu which is a reputed brand had chosen to stop the production for every vehicle available in India rather than to upgrade them to BS6 norm and finally after one year, they had launched their Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, but at that time the company lost its every pace among the Indian customers.
  • Pick-up truck segment: Well, India is not a type of market where the customers love pick-up trucks, due to which the pick-up truck segment is negligible in the Indian market. This problem has also created an obstacle for D-Max’s sales figure which is negligible by the way.
  • Force Gurkha

Force Gurkha which was launched a few months ago also has almost negligible sales figures.

Main Problems of Failures

  • Quality and features: The main problem or the only problem which had made the Force Gurkha get failed is within its interiors the infotainment system, the TPMS system all seems as the after-sales local and cheap accessories. Moreover, the plastic quality is really poor. Also, the steering doesn’t support any controls for the audio system as well as for the cruise control or the controls for the instrument cluster. The car seems to be the cheapest and really stupid interiors-equipped vehicle out of the vehicles launched in 2021.


Apart from the reasons mentioned for failures under each of the vehicle’s name heading, one more reason for their failures is probably that the manufacturers haven’t chosen the best pick out of their portfolio for the Indian market.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the manufacturer’s official website.

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