Jeep Compass Exteriors

Jeep Compass was launched on 12th April 2017 in India and from starting it has attracted a lot of customers on its way and made Jeep to be recognized in India. The second the generation of Jeep Compass was launched in February 2021 and had included minor improvements in its design language and the major one in the features it offers in the segment.

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Starting off with the front, the facelifted version of Jeep Compass features that 7 flagged grilles at the front in the center of which the front parking camera has been placed. The Headlamps are all LED units including the fog lamps and the projector headlamps setup. Moreover, Compass also features a breathing grille between the hood front grille and the bumper for air intake. The bumper is also nicely designed and features air curtains as well.

The side profile is more or less the same as of the previous generation with similar dual tone gradient on offer. Moreover, the alloy wheels this time actually develops the presence of the vehicle as the alloy wheels are too finished in silver and gloss black finish. Under the ORVM’s a camera is placed which basically aids in 360 degrees parking view of the vehicle.

The rear side of the vehicle is all new in the facelift version of this Jeep, with the taillamps happens to be LED units this time. The rear bumper gets the rear fog lamps too. Moreover, there is no fake exhaust on offer which really shows how real the vehicle is actually.

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Well talking about the brand name i.e. Jeep, no other company can provide this amount of quality at this price point. Jeep’s Engine are the best in this price point, its build is just tremendous no comparison can be made. So if you are having a budget to buy this one just go for it then.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Jeep’s official website.

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