Let’s Talk#18; Real Servicing cost of Renault Kwid Revealed!!


Nowadays most of the automobile companies are publicising about their servicing cost, that their service cost is the lowest among the market or among the segment. But really is it the case? Is the service cost really that cheap among the segment? Or is it just a hype which is created to show off the cheapest after sales service? Well Let’s find all this in this next blog of Talk Series.

On the Point

To counter this I have chosen Renault Kwid to check its servicing cost in the genuine Renault’s Service center. As you all know Renault Kwid is the cheapest offer from Renault in India. The variant which I have just taken to get it serviced is equipped with a 0.8L 3 cylinder engine (46,000kms done) because my prime focus was to choose a car which is the cheapest offer from its respective manufacturer. 

The service assistants offered me a list of new parts (which should be changed periodically according to them) which I just need to install in my vehicle. After removing some of the unnecessary parts such as the exhaust coating, engine coating etc.  The list is included as under:

As from the list the total part charge which needs to be replaced happens to be Rs. 3087.27/-. This amount was further added with the labor charges which happens to be Rs. 932/- for cleaning and Rs. 2017.80/- for other labor charges (this includes labor charges for the replacement of front brake shoes as well). 

Furthermore, all this total labor and part charges were added with CGST and SGST and the total net payable amount was Rs. 6737/-. This amount includes the total expense of replacement of brake shoes as well of Rs. 1885/-. So the final actual service costy happens to be Rs. 4852/-. 

This implies that Total Service cost of Renault Kwid is Rs. 4852/- and on my survey the total cost for the servicing of Renault Kwid was around Rs. 2000-2500/- including the necessary part replacement such as the Air filter, Washer Fluid, Brake Oil, Engine Oil etc. All this means that Renault is actually charging Rs. 2352/- more for nearly the same quality of service rebadged as ‘Genuine Service’.


In my survey, Renault Kwid’s Rivals, which happens to be the Alto, Datsun Redi Go etc. The real service cost is actually cheaper than what Renault is offering.

By taking the case of Maruti Suzuki’s Alto the actual and genuine service cost happens to be somewhere around Rs. 3500-4500/- which includes all the labor charges, part replacements along with all the taxes. This cost happens to be slightly cheaper to what Renault is offering.

Service Quality

The quality of service is just below average according to me and it differs according to the service centers to be honest and in my case some of the problems which I encountered are:

  • Washing: The washing service is really poor and there is no doubt in this. The workers don’t want to work and that is the exact cause of this problem.
  • Interior Cleaning: The interior cleaning service is just ok and there are not many complaints about it. However, they don’t opt for steam wash.
  • Exterior polishing: On the outside the polish has been done only on the plastic and rough parts including the tyres. And no body polish is being provided there, which is kinda disappointing.
  • Interior polishing: On to the interiors the polishing is quite good as compared from the outside and I would say it just above average overall.
  • Others: The service station in which I had visited, took a lot of time to service the vehicle almost a day, the service assistants are not present at their respective seats. Moreover I have to wait for about 2 hrs extra in order to take my car back. 

This is the level of service Renault is providing to their customers.


Well, Renault’s new vehicle’s delivery service is really great but when it comes to their after sales service it is really poor in every aspect. And there is a strict need to manage and look after all these things in order to survive in India even with just 4 vehicles on offer.

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Credits: Other than the car images all the pictures belong to sacred. And the car images have been taken from Renault’s official website.

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