Lets Talk#17; What happened with Hyundai Xcent and Aura??


Hyundai Xcent which launched somewhere around March 2014 in the Indian market was somewhat a feature loaded deal present at that time. Though the car didn’t perform well for the domestic market, Hyundai thought to convert this for the commercial market, due to this Hyundai has launched its Xcent in the CNG variant too. Even though the car’s sales figures went up, but not that much as compared to other commercial vehicles such as the Dzire tour edition which is really meant for cab services.

Something similar has happened with the Hyundai Aura. It was initially launched in the Indian market in January 2020. Aura somewhat looks like an upgraded version of its predecessor the Xcent but its sales figures haven’t even touched the sales figures of Hyundai Xcent. Moreover, like the Xcent Hyundai has offered its Aura in the CNG variant too but still it failed to make the minds of the customers.

So where does the problem lie?

Well, talking about the Hyundai Xcent first, the model has been discontinued by Hyundai motors after looking at its sales figures. However, if we look at the last version of the Hyundai Xcent the car featured a number of problems which are listed as under:

  • Misses essential features: Some essential features such as height adjustable headrests, proper dead pedal etc. Moreover, the instrument cluster doesn’t feature the counter to tell the distance to empty. 
  • Diesel Engine: The diesel engine which was offered initially was really laggy and there were certain power drops in the mid range too.
  • Diesel Automatic: No diesel automatic variant was offered. The automatic option was an only option along with the petrol engine which is again a disappointing thing.

And the problems which the Hyundai Aura features are:

  • Diesel Engine: Even after looking at Xcent Hyundai didn’t come up with the more refined diesel engine on offer which again ultimately resulted in laggy performance.
  • Missing features: Repeating the same mistakes just like the Xcent Hyundai this time too doesn’t offer any adjustable headrest ( the front one). Moreover, there is no vanity mirror for the driver side which again costs cutting.
  • Diesel Automatic: The automatic gearbox offered in the diesel variant is the slowest gearbox offered in the segment. The diesel automatic takes around 15-16 seconds to accelerate from 0-100kmph which is very disappointing especially from a 1.2 U2 Diesel engine.


Well, these two examples prove that Hyundai should update its vehicles especially in the mid size segment. Because they are not performing exclusively well, when compared to what other manufacturers are offering.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Hyundai’s official website.

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