Prototype Vision#6; Hyundai 7 Concept


Recently, Hyundai has unveiled its 7 concept which is basically its Ioniq series successor. The Hyundai 7 concept has been revealed in the Los Angeles motor show 2021, in which Hyundai has made so  much efforts to rival the EV’s which will be there by 2024. These rivaling EV includes Renault Morphoz, Volvo’s XC90 electric (Expected) etc. Well, before continuing, welcome to the next blog of the Prototype series.

On the Point

Talking about its powertrain first, Hyundai has literally worked really hard to make the competition narrower by giving basically the same specifications which other manufacturers will be offering in the market by 2024. 

Currently, Hyundai is claiming that its 7 concept can be charged in 20 minutes from 10% to 80% with an 800V charging power station. Moreover, the car can make up to 300 miles on a single charge which is basically 483km, more or less same as what other manufacturers claim about their upcoming EV’s.

Technology with Exteriors

Starting off with the front design Hyundai has adopted its traditional Ioniq styling across its new 7 concept which is the ‘Parametric Pixel’ design which gives it the most classy look ever seen on an upcoming vehicle.

Moreover the wheelbase is one of the unique things about this vehicle, the wheelbase happens to be 2500mm in length which is almost equal or greater than the Mercedes S class. Making the vehicle best in terms of comfort and convenience, but of course a problem in parking.

Technology with Interiors

Now the most important highlight of the vehicle is its interiors, Hyundai 7 literally gets almost the same interiors as that of Renault Morphoz with the 1st and 2nd row seats happens to be the sofa with dedicated individual armrest and also with round corners.

The interior also features a dedicated small refrigerator and also a shoe keeper. Moreover, the front seats can be turned back making the cabin a friendly space. The steering has also been replaced by a joystick which is basically to control the vehicle.


Well, since the vehicle is a concept it means that few of its parts or elements will be taken in the actual production model which can be in the Ioniq series. Also, the Korean manufacturers are working much harder to work on their upcoming futuristic EV’s. Not only Hyundai, Kia too is planning to launch multiple vehicles of course EV’s in the future.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Hyundai’s official event.

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