Skoda Superb Interiors

Along with Skoda Rapid, Superb was a well-known brand for the manufacturer and that too from the very starting. Literally Superb is the best example from German engineering under the Volkswagen branding.

Technology and interiors

Looking up on the interiors they are just the best with the dual tone finish and with the 8inch infotainment display. The front seats are also equipped with the heating and cooling function which is well integrated with that touchscreen unit.

The central console is also equipped with every control all along the gear lever. Skoda Superb is also well equipped with storage spaces in the central console or in the glove boxes. However, the vehicle does not feature any digital instrument cluster unit, all the meters are analog including speedometer which is kinda disappointing at this price point. Moreover, it is also equipped with every control on the steering wheel you probably think off.

On the rear compartment Skoda literally worked on practicality including the rear AC vents and the charging ports the rear passenger will also get 3 adjustable headrest with head hold function (on the default two not the middle one), central armrest with twin cup and pen holders, cigarette lighter and ash tray.

Moreover, you can access the boot from the rear compartment. On to the boot, its massive with the capacity of 625L and its also equipped again with some practicality stuff’s such as the light placement which is also removable, hooks and the boot also features hands free virtual peddle opening.

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The Skoda Superb is a great buy honestly with its rich features, practicality, and luxurious interiors and at last the with the German engineering it is above all the sedans available in the segment.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from official Skoda website.

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