Renault Triber Variants

After Lodgy Renault finally launched their 7-seater MUV cum SUV vehicle. The car specs meet the today’s customer demand at an affordable pricing. It has got lots of seating combinations, the thing which is in great demand today and that’s too at an affordable pricing.

Available in Variants

Currently, Renault Triber is available in 9 variants the lowest and the cheapest one is the RXE and goes up till RXZ Easy R-AMT which is the most expensive one!

VariantsFeatures Available
Triber RXE999cc, Manual, Petrol
Triber RXL999cc, Manual, Petrol
Triber RXL EASY-R AMT999cc, Automatic, Petrol
Triber RXT999cc, Manual, Petrol
Triber RXT EASY-R AMT999cc, Automatic, Petrol
Triber RXZ999cc, Manual, Petrol
Triber RXZ Dual Tone999cc, Manual, Petrol
Triber RXZ EASY_R AMT999cc, Automatic, Petrol
Tribar RXZ EASY_R AMT Dual Tone999cc, Automatic, Petrol


Frankly speaking it’s a great value for money and there’s no doubt in this! If you are willing to buy a family MUV or a safe family MUV and you don’t care much about power then it would be a great option, just go for it then.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Renault.

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