Tata Motors promises to deliver 3500 Xpress T to BluSmart cab services.

Tata Motors recently has made a partnership with Blusmart cab services and promised to deliver 3500 Xpress T EVs to use them as CABS in Delhi and in NCR regions.

BluSmart is India’s first electric cab service which is aiming to provide cab services with zero emissions across Delhi and NCR which are one of the most polluted regions in India. Moreover, the company also claims that they’ll gonna provide highest standard of safety and sanitisation in their cabs with zero surge pricing and zero ride denials. Along with this, the drivers will also get flexible working hours, with higher earnings.

To come up with EV vehicles Blusmart has chosen Xpress T which is based on Tigor EV to serve zero emission during travel.

Xpress T which can be referred as a name used for commercial Tigor EV vehicle produces around 30kW@4500rpm of power with the torque output of 105Nm@2500rpm. Xpress T features 72V three phase AC induction motor which is connected with a battery pack of 21.5kWh enabling the car with a certified range of 213km. However, the maximum speed which is limited for the vehicle is about 80km/hr.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of BluSmart and Tata motors.

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