Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge is here!

Recently Rolls Royce has officially released its next Black Badge edited vehicle i.e., is the Rolls Royce Ghost. After its Cullinan of course as we all know there will be the new Ghost wrapped with Black Badge edition. The new Ghost edition is powered by the same twin turbo V12 6.8L engine which is however retuned to produced a power of 591HP and 900Nm of Torque, both of which are increased by 29HP and 50Nm.

Along with the engine and stuff there is literally lot more to talk about in the new Ghost Black badge edition the main highlight in which is its low driving mode which enhances other driving options. The vehicle also features 8 speed automatic gearbox with 50% more quicker shifts this time.

Talking about this edition the new vehicle is wrapped with the darkest black colour of the motor car industry using 45kgs of paint. Other than this it also gets 21inch alloy wheels, black wood veneers in the interiors, Black badge branding of which the spirit of ecstasy is also a part.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Autocar India.

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