Hyundai Creta 2022 Unveiled!

As we all know a few days back many sketches from Hyundai were there describing its design language especially the front one which is heavily revised ofcourse but now the Hyundai Motors Indonesia has finally revealed the New Hyundai Creta 2022 which can also come to India.

As of now the front design language is heavily revised with the new grill and the bumper which is placed lower most and merges with grille as well. The design will remind you of the Hyundai’s concept car standards which is now slowly coming to its regular vehicles.

On to the side profile, its not changed much, However, the alloy wheels are not precisely visible but somehow will be the same as of the previous generation. The rear looks are kinda revised but not that much except the main tail lamp which is now merging up with the rearmost pillar.

The interiors are not officially released yet but through the sketch designs they are likely to be more or less be the same. The Indonesian Creta will be launched in around 11th or 12th of November 2021 and after that will be introduced to India. The expected launch will be in the Quarter 1st of 2022.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Hyundai Motors Indonesia.

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