Land Rover’s Range Rover 5th Generation revealed!

Recently, a few days back Land Rover revealed its all-new Range Rover 5th generation to its kind. The newer version gets tremendously modified in terms of design language, features, technology etc. To read further get a hold on the article.

Engine and Specs

Range Rover’s 5th gen is now coming with BMW’s V8 engine which is ofcourse a partnership between the two. The new V8 engine under the hood is of 5.0L and produces around 523HP with a torque output of 750Nm. The engine is also capable to accelerate to 100kmph in just 4.6secs.

Moreover, this petrol engine which having 6 cylinders within it is also joined with an electric motor which is powered by an electric battery which sits on the floor with a capacity of 38.2kWh and makes the car to make a range of up to 100km purely on the battery. Moreover, according to Land Rover’s research the vehicle is capable to complete 75% of people’s journey without engine, which means only up on the battery. The battery also features 50kW of charging capacity making the battery to get charged up to 80% within an hour.

Design Language

Looking just on the front design the changes are minor but when compared to the previous gen side-by-side they are huge. The front grills are now improved for the aerodynamic efficiency. Moreover, the drag coefficient is also lowered.

The major improvements are done with the back sides with Range Rover’s Signature tail lamps which are invisible when not lit, this provides a more premium look to this gen. The sides are almost the same with the flush type door opening mechanism.

The rear boot is large enough and opens the same way as the previous generation with one upper lid and one with the lower lid.

Features and Technology

Talking about the interiors and functionality, in the front Range Rover features 13.1inch of infotainment display with the latest operating system of Land Rover which is the Pivi Pro. The infotainment makes the user to control almost 90% of the features with just two presses along with the haptic feedback. Along with this, it also features 13.7 inch of digital instrument cluster with the heads-up display.

The rear seats are equipped with 11inch infotainment system and with the 8-inch touchscreen control panel for the rear passengers. The new Range Rover is based on the new MLA ‘Flex’ architecture which now provides 50% more torsional stiffness along with 24% more body noise reduction. The vehicle is built with 80% of aluminium and somehow in some areas with extensive steel to improve the safety standards during the crash. The sunroof is of full length and is panoramic ofcourse and the structure is made in such a way to increase aero efficiency as told previously which are known as “Air Shields’ which direct the air channels to the rear.

Along with this according to official statement the new Range Rover’s 5th gen will run on full electric by 2024. And about its India launch, it is expected to launch around in the 2nd Quarter of 2022.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Autocar India.

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