New EV’s from Honda?? Really?

Honda being a name in one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers across the globe is now preparing for its new EV line up. Referring in India especially, there is a huge rush in EV’s nowadays automobile manufacturers are just launching their EV’s but still there is not much infrastructure to support them. Starting from the Hyundai Kona, MG ZS EV and now from Tata Tigor EV etc the EV line up is becoming so popular.

Honda like other competitors is planning to make the market supportable for EV standards till 2025 by launching a number of EV vehicles. Moreover, it has also decided to go on with full production in EV’s in around 2030 especially for China.

Along with this and also participating in the contribution to the environment Honda has finally unveiled its electric line up namely the e:NS 1 and e:NP 1. However, the Electric vehicles are now limited to their supply in only China. And Talking about the EV’s one by one the e:NS1 can come with a battery capacity of 68.8kWh with the motor capacity of 148kW having a range limited to around 500km.

The next one is the e:NP1 well to be honest no technical specs of it are not clear now but the car will be based rather both the vehicles will be based on Honda’s E platform. However, there are certain rumours that these EV’s can have another nameplate if launched in a country other than China.

If you are thinking what about in India then relax it’s a long wait to see these EV’s on Indian roads. However, Honda is planning to launch the new City Hybrid in next year i.e., 2022. To know more refer the Link below.

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