Let’s Talk Series#16; Recently launched cars which disappeared gradually!!!


Nowadays many cars are launching some as EV’s, some as hatchbacks with segment first features. But have you ever wondered about the vehicles which are in hype only at the time of their launch and suddenly disappears, well this blog is all about those vehicles and for more like this blog check out>>Let’s Talk Series.

On the Point

Some of the cars which just vanished before even get seen on the road are:

Renault Captur

Well, the reason to mention this car first is that it’s one of my favourite sub-SUV vehicles but still it discontinued despite of lots of advertising by Renault. The Renault Captur was available in petrol and diesel options. The H4K 1.5L engine was used as a petrol option and K9K DCi 1.5L engine was used as an option for diesel variant. One of the main reasons in my knowledge which made Captur a failure is that it was not available in Automatic transmission option.

Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks which was launched along with the Renault Captur of course as both the companies launch their vehicles side-by-side but on to the point again Nissan Kicks is offered in 1.3L Turbo engine which is kinda decent for this segment and also the vehicle is available in X-Tronic CVT. However, the Nissan Kicks is not discontinued till now but still very few people knows about it. One of the major highlights of the vehicle which I remember is that its 360 degrees parking and on-go camera which was the segment’s first at that time.

Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio which comes under MUV segment was also discontinued in around April 2017. The MUV features a one Petrol (i-VTEC) and one Diesel (i-DTEC) engine and both the engines were of 1.5L. Despite Mobilio features the best comfort allowing features of that time it got discontinued. And to be honest I loved the rear design of the Mobilio when I was a kid.

Toyota Yaris

Well, this car was recently launched in around 2018 and I remember that I was one of the few people who have seen this vehicle, as when it was unveiled at the Indian Auto Expo 2018 but the car failed to impress the Indian buyers and got discontinued. Yaris featured a 1.5L VVT-I Petrol motor and was available in CVT as an automatic option. One of the main highlights which I remember about this car at that time was its roof mounted AC vents with pretty illuminated roof.

Honda CR-V

CR-V is the only full-sized SUV available in India from Honda the ranges in displacements are from 1597cc to 1997cc and is available in both petrol and diesel variants. But despite the features it provided and the capabilities it offered no one knows about this vehicle at all. However, it is discontinued in India along with the Honda Civic.


In my opinion the main reason in the failure of these vehicles is due to the companies haven’t recognised the needs of Indian customers as what they want in a particular segment in which the companies wanna launch their vehicles. And seriously the cars which really cared of Indian needs got successful.

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Credits: All images have been taken from manufacturers official website.

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