Let’s Talk#14; What to consider between Volkswagen and Skoda in India?


Being the German manufacturers both Skoda and Volkswagen share same engines, designs, technologies in their vehicles. Moreover, Volkswagen hold 30% of the share of Skoda automobiles and Skoda being a subsidiary of Volkswagen motors shares same kinda specs.

But the question for Indian customers is that what to choose between Skoda and Volkswagen and to answer this, the blog is all about; Welcome to Let’s Talk Series.

On the Point

Well, to be honest no one can select a perfect winner between the both but the customer can select one of them on their needs and to understand the needs first there’s a need to understand the points of similarities and dissimilarities between the both.

Points of Similarities


Both the companies offer almost same engine options, for example the recently launched Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun is offered in 1.0L and 1.5L TSI motors. Both of them produces almost same power and torque configurations.

High on Safety

Both the companies offer vehicles which are safer and usually holds 4-6 airbags as standard. Talking about the build quality as before both have almost same build quality which is decent enough. Moreover, the crash scores are also decent enough.

German Engineering

The cars from both the group are offered with same German engineering which is of course as both the brands belong from Germany somehow. But the resemblance in technology is so much that they feature same platforms too in their vehicles as the newly launched Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun features same platform which is MQB A0 IN.


If you are more into the features and is also confused between the two brands then you can probably select anyone of them. Both the brands offer exactly same features the only difference is the branding.

Points of Dissimilarities


In terms of interiors Skoda is clear winner with the best-in-class premium leather seats. Moreover, the comfort levels are on the another height in Skoda vehicles. Also, the Skoda Superb basically is meant for rear passenger as it offers every facility in the rear compartment including the neck holder built exclusively to boost the comfort level.

Engine and Transmission options

In terms of the engine option offered between the two, Volkswagen is the best as it provides better engine options sometimes in both diesel and petrol and also, the transmission options are good too with the DSG, DCT, Manual transmission types. This is not the case with the Skoda especially with its Octavia which is only available in 2.0L Petrol.


The conclusion regarding this is that no one is the clear winner and all this only depends on you, if you want an engine option other than Skoda and also want to buy a German engineered budget vehicle than Volkswagen will be the best option. Moreover, if you want more spacious, comfortable and premium interiors then go for Skoda. And yep! Congrats in advance for your new vehicle.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Volkswagen and Skoda.

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