Where are the EV’s from Maruti Suzuki?

Looking at this rush where all the manufacturers are pushing their limits in the EV sector including Tata with its Nexon and Tigor EV Maruti Suzuki which acquires nearly 48% of the Indian Automotive market has not even released the trailer of its EV’s! And to this the blog is all about!

In my opinion no matter how much the rush is all about for the EV’s, if they are not in the budget of the common people like the cars equipped with combustion engines the EV sector of the country will not rise at all. And observing this condition Maruti Suzuki is not releasing its EV in the Indian Automotive Market. Maruti Suzuki’s chairman RC Bhargava said that Maruti Suzuki will bring EV’s in India when they are affordable and are feasible to the customers as well as for the company to produce them without a loss.

Concept Future – S from which the S-Presso has been taken.

As we all know Maruti Suzuki’s vehicles are tested enough for the Indian roads implementing this strategy for the EV sector Maruti will definitely bring the Electric vehicles when they are fully acceptable and tested enough for the Indian road conditions.

Apart from all this, if we keep the affordability as a condition aside, the country still don’t have enough infrastructure, awareness to make EV’s the part of their standard living. One can barely see the charging stations for the electric vehicles in India, also people still don’t believe in electric vehicles just as they believe in the cars with combustion engines. All these factors are just behaving as an obstacle for the EV market and seeing this Maruti is just waiting for the right time.

More from Maruti Suzuki:

Comment me what do you think about the Maruti Suzuki EV’s and what technologies would they feature?

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Maruti Suzuki.

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