Review Series#20; Jeep Wrangler


In the Traditional Jeeps segment after Thar, Jeep Wrangler is the best option you can get in India. Jeep wrangler was officially introduced in India in August 2019 as CBU (Completely Built-Up) unit. Afterward, it was assembled in India as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) unit which further reduced its cost by around 10lakh rupees. Wrangler features so many techs that you can ever think of in an SUV to know more get connected to this next blog of Review Series.

On the Point

The jeep Wrangler is powered by a 2.0L GME T4 (ESS) motor which delivers around 268HP with a max torque of about 3000rpm. The engine is also equipped with Start/Stop engine function and supports 8-speed automatic transmission.

For more specs refer to the Quick Specs sheet as under:


With Exteriors

Jeep Wrangler at its front exterior is equipped with LED headlamps, foglamps, etc which comes as standard across all the variants. Moreover, the front design kinda looks like the Mahindra Thar, or rather the Mahindra Thar looks like the Jeep Wrangler. On the sides, the real difference between Thar and the Jeep wrangler can be observed very distinctively as Wrangler gets dedicated rear doors with quite a lot of space in the rear compartment as well as in the boot section. In the rear too, the Wrangler gets LED taillamps for that bold and rugged look which makes the car ready for adventure.

With Interiors

The interiors are finished in pure black trims, with easily removable roof panels to get an airy feeling inside the cabin.

It also features a Uconnect system which allows enhanced connectivities such as Android Auto and Apple Car Play as well as with your smartphone. On to the Instrument cluster it is equipped with the informative panel which shows all the necessary information as well as navigation and radio information to the driver.

Jeep Wrangler is also available in its Rubicon edition in which all the changes are made with its design language and no change is made with its engine. The Rubicon edition is available in orange color with the Rubicon branding on the hood’s sides. And a more appealing look is given by removing the top from the boot side.


As with other Jeep vehicles which are currently not available in India Jeep Wrangler is certified with trail Rated technology which further includes better traction control, better water wading, articulation which includes better suspension balance, Manoeuvrability, Ground clearance. Well, the sole purpose of that Trail rated tech is to ensure that the vehicle is more capable in off-road conditions.

Along with this, Jeep Wrangler is available in basically two 4×4 techs i.e., Natural Selection 4×4 and Rock-Trac 4×4 system. The Natural Selection basically switches the 4WD to 2WD when it’s not needed to ensure fuel efficiency while the Rock-Trac always keeps the 4WD on to ensure maximum torque and power in every situation.

The last one is the under-body armor which ensures the protection to the critical components such as the fuel tank from the rocks and other obstacles on the way.


While jeep wrangler is the most premium option available in the segment but still it has got some limitations which are as under:

  • Fuel economy and Transmission: Jeep Wrangler offers a claimed fuel economy of 12.1kmpl with the Automatic 8speed transmission. The claimed economy is okay but can be increased further by providing a manual transmission instead of the automatic one. The same is the case with the Mahindra Thar as it offers more economy in manual rather than in the automatic one.
  • Engine options: The Jeep Wrangler is available in only one i.e. the GME 2.0L petrol variant which is not the case with the Mahindra Thar as it is available in both diesel and petrol variants.


Well, as far as you don’t consider the fuel economy as a problem and have a budget too then of course jeep Wrangler is the best adventure package available in India. But if you have some budget problem then, go for the Mahindra Thar.

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Credits: All images have been taken from Jeep’s official website.

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