Let’s Talk#13 ; What Happened with Mahindra Alturas G4 and Kia Carnival?


Mahindra Alturas G4 which was launched in around November 2018 along with the partnership with Ssangyong and was the most luxurious SUV from Mahindra and Mahindra. It literally delivered all the features you can ever expect from an SUV.

Moreover, the Kia Carnival which is also a luxurious but a MUV Van actually got many and many features you can ever demand off. It was initially launched at the Indian auto expo 2020.

Despite that both the cars are the best in their segment and also their manufacturer’s are among the top but still they are not sold as much as other vehicles sell from these manufacturers. Well let’s talk about in this next blog of Let’s Talk Series!

On the Point

Alturas G4 from Mahindra is powered by only diesel engine D22DTR 2.2L and the only option which is provided is with its wheel drive, it is offered in 4×2 and 4×4 engine options.

The diesel 2.2L engine can produce a maximum power of 178.49bhp@3800rpm and a torque of 420Nm@1600-2600rpm. But despite of these powerful engine options Alturas G4 has failed to make its mark in the Indian Automotive market this is because of some of the reasons that we have researched on!

  • Competition: The biggest one of the reason why the Mahindra Alturas is not even known by everyone is because of its competition in the segment in which it is launched. Alturas G4 is being offered in the segment in which Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour lies which are in great hype. I mean they are recognized by many people and are among the top ones in the segment especially in India. Due to this no one even cared about any other brand in this segment.
  • Engine options: Alturas G4 is currently being offered in only diesel engine option and moreover, it is only available in one capacity i.e. 2.2L (2157cc). Well, I agree that this engine option delivers a decent amount of power but at the same time it removes certain customers from its selling list that demands more or less power or even petrol variant option.
  • Lack of advertising: The main problem which Mahindra did with Alturas G4 is not advertising about its power, its features, its capabilities which ultimately just vanished its appearance from the Indian automotive market.

Next comes the Kia Carnival which is feature rich luxury MUV van type vehicle which is actually a best pick in the price segment if you are considering to but a MUV vehicle.

The Kia Carnival features only a diesel option just like Alturas G4 which is a 2.2L VGT unit producing a maximum power of 197.2bhp@3800rpm with the torque output of 440Nm@1750-2750rpm. But still it doesn’t have attracted as many customers as attracted by Innova Crysta or any other well known MUV in the segment. The reasons for this are too mentioned below based on our some of the research:

  • Pricing: Well, I agree that among all the MUV’s available Kia Carnival provides more features and is more capable but still after all this the pricing is too high which changes the mind of the customers despite of the features offered in it.
  • Engine options: This is the same problem with Alturas G4. Just like it Kai Carnival is only offered first of all in diesel and along with that only in one capacity option i.e. 2.2L VGT Diesel Engine. This problem again cuts the customers off the selling list of Kia Carnival which demands more or less power or even a petrol variant on offer.  
  • Van type styling: Well, automatic Van type doors are the most unique and luxurious one but in India no one even care about these things. Moreover, this thing is the most expensive thing in the vehicle which is increasing its cost and moreover, will increase its maintenance service too.

A new trim i.e. Limousine plus has been launched by Kia for its Carnival which is here:


Well, both the cars are the best but still they haven’t been recognized in their areas so I thought lets include this topic in th Let’s talk series and talk about them in a bit detail.

Hope you liked it!!!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Kia and Mahindra.

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