Volkswagen Polo and Vento available in Matte Editions price starting from 10lakhs!

On October 5, 2021 Volkswagen after Skoda Rapid Matte has launched also decided to launch the matte edition for its all time favorite vehicle i.e. Polo and Vento. Volkswagen Polo and Vento are typically the same vehicle as such other than one has its boot extended to become a sedan and the other one is just normal to be hatchback

The major updates with Polo and Vento are only on their exteriors including the matte grey finish as obvious, gloss black finish on door handles, ORVM’s etc. Moreover, these vehicles are the first which gets factory fitted matte finish from Volkswagen.

The introductory price for the Volkswagen Polo is Rs. 10lakhs and is 25000 rupees more premium than the Highline plus AT variant. However, the GT trim for the Volkswagen Polo is available at a discounted price by Rs. 15000. The Vento matte edition is priced at Rs. 11.94lakhs. Moreover, on the Volkswagen Vento the company is providing a discount by Rs. 1.11lakhs as an introductory offer.  

If you want a complete Review Series for Volkswagen Polo or Vento, do notify us the comment section below!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Volkswagen Website.

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