Review Series#17; Renault Kwid


Well, which competed against Maruti’s hatchbacks truly was the Renault Kwid; it was launched around September 2015 and was only available in a 0.8L engine variant. Initially, it suffered a lot of failures with its AC (that was a bit sparking and was not that compatible with the 0.8L motor), performance, fuel injection pump, etc. But later on, everything was fixed right some of the changes were made by calling the pre-owned customers like the fuel injection pump that was not efficient as such.

Soon after all this the facelift version of the Renault Kwid was launched on the 1st of October, 2019 in which Renault had completely refined the already bold interiors and given them bolder looks with DRLs this time. To read further, welcome to the next blog of the Review Series.

On the Point

The facelifted version of Renault Kwid fea5tures 0.8L and 1.0L petrol engine units. The 0.8L variant is 799cc and produces a maximum power of around 54PS@5600rpm with a torque output of 72Nm@4250rpm. The 1.0L unit is 999cc and produces a power of 68PS@5500rpm and a torque output of around 91Nm@4250rpm. The claimed fuel economy for 0.8L unit is around 25kmpl and for that 1.0L unit, it’s around 23kmpl. On to the transmission, the 1.0L only features an automatic transmission along with the manual while the 0.8L unit only has a manual transmission.

For more specs refer to the Quick Spec sheet below:


From the exterior Renault Kwid is quite bold with its LED DRLs and a huge Renault logo at the center of its graphite grill. Below the DRL’s big headlamps with halogen lights are placed which also adds to the unique design of French engineering. With all this, the front bumper also features a skid plate. On to the rear the design has been refined with the new LED tail lamps with the halogen indicators and reverse parking lights. Moreover, the camera is well integrated with the Renault logo. On the sides, Renault Kwid is equipped with its traditional and with what it’s initially launched with body cladding running all around the sides. The thing which has changed this time is the new roof rails which add and fits into the design language.

On to the interiors, the dashboard is the best in terms of design language and also in the segment. It features a lower glove box, charging socket on the central console. The main thing is the new and refined MediaNAV which features Android Auto and Apple Carplay system integrated within it along with the reverse parking camera.

Moreover, the instrument cluster is also the best in the segment with the best in class graphics and the digital panel to view necessary information about the car. In the rear compartment, Kwid is equipped with the rear central armrest and a dedicated rear charging socket. However, the headrests are not adjustable and no rear AC vent is provided too. The rear seats do not feature a splitting function as well. On to the luggage section the boot is of 279L with a decent loading lip too.


Well, in the segment Kwid is an overall nice package and that too from its first generations but there are some limitations too with it as:

  • Noisy Engine: The 0.8L and 1.0L petrol motors which Renault calls SCe (Smart Control efficiency) units are too noisy, I mean it’s really irritating for the person standing outside of the vehicle even if it is not moving.
  • Fuel tank capacity: Renault Kwid comes with a 28L of the fuel tank as standard which is not the best. It only enables the car for the city driving and not for the highways.
  • Low Fuel economy: Renault claims for the Kwid 0.8L unit to deliver around the efficiency of 25kmpl but it’s not the case at all. Even for the small engine of 0.8L, the actual mileage varies between 16-19kmpl which is not expected from the engine which is only 799cc.


Above all the disadvantages Renault Kwid is the most spacious, tech-equipped vehicle in the segment and also in the budget as well. And in my opinion, if you are thinking to buy it just go with the 1.0L unit as it has more power within it!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Renault.

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