Review Series#16; Maruti Suzuki WagonR


Since the 18th of December 1999 WagonR literally made its mark in Indian society. Not only this, but WagonR also, made a stereotype in the mind of Indian customers that it is actually the most reliable car from Maruti Suzuki because of this Maruti till now haven’t discontinued WagonR. Moreover, it has updated its features in its new facelift version. So to continue further, follow the new blog from the Review series!

On the Point

Engine and Specs

The new facelifted version of WagonR features K10B and K12M petrol engines. The K10B which is the traditional engine from Maruti Suzuki is available in 1.0L with 4 cylinders producing a maximum output of around 50kW@5500rpm (Petrol) and 43.5kW@5500rpm (CNG). The K10B engine produces a torque of around 90Nm@3500rpm (Petrol) and 78Nm@3500rpm (CNG). However, the K12M motor which is a 1.2L 4 cylinder unit produces a power output of 61kW@6000rpm with a torque output of 113Nm@4200rpm.

The claimed fuel economy of the new WagonR in petrol 1.0L is 21.79kmpl (MT), 21.79kmpl (AGS). In petrol 1.2L the economy is around 20.52kmpl (MT), 20.52kmpl (AGS). And finally, in CNG the efficiency is around 32.52km/kg. Moreover, talking about the transmission options the automatic transmission which is an AGS (Automatic Gear System) in Maruti’s language is only available in top trim which is the VXI one in both 1.0L and 1.2L engine configurations while the CNG option does not have an automatic system at all.

For more specs refer to the Quick Specs sheet as under:


Starting from the exteriors and in that too from the front, the WagonR does not feature any LED headlamps or DRLs. However, the headlamps are boxy and are of kinda split from the indicator lights. On the rear WagonR features a standing long tail lamps setup which consists of brake lights, indicators, and reverse parking lights. The rear light treatment will probably remind you of the Honda cars such as the Honda Jazz. This time in the facelift model WagonR gets the modern finished ORVM, I mean not the traditional one which is there on the older model. Also, the ORVM features indicators integrated on them which is a kinda nice touch from Maruti Suzuki.

In the interiors, the major update in the facelift model is the new infotainment system which Maruti calls as Smart Play Studio system which is decent enough with its 7-inch touch panel and with Android and Apple Carplay connectivities. This time the instrument cluster is kinda smaller with a circular display which is used to view necessary information about the vehicle. The power window is also decent enough and works really fine as well but the power window of the driver’s side features only an auto roll down feature, not the up one which is kinda disappointing.

Covering just a few more things that all the seats in the WagonR this time does not have good under thy support on offer and the boot is decent enough in terms of size but it has a high loading lip too which causes inconvenience in putting up the luggage in there.

On to the engine, believe me, the 1.2L K12M petrol motor just punches the vehicle above its weight. Super wheel spin on offer with a power that is unique in the segment.


Though I agree that Maruti Suzuki WagonR sells the most the facelifted version has many disadvantages too as compared to the segment in which it’s being offered.

  • Height: WagonR features a height of 1675mm which is greater than its width by 55mm which has a great disadvantage at the time when you are taking a circular turn at higher speeds.
  • Less in Technology: The major disadvantage which is the most highlighted one indeed is that WagonR features less technological equipment as compared to the market. Only by providing an infotainment system is not a solution at all, I mean where are the LED headlamps, alloy wheels, DRL, etc. which are kinda mandatory in the cars available in this segment.
  • Comfort: In my opinion, the older generation WagonR is quite more comfortable than the new one as there is no good amount of under thy support on offer on any of the seats. Moreover, the seats are not that cushioned making it difficult to sit in longer drives.


Well, it’s the most reliable package from the starting and in my opinion, it is the only reason due to why it is still selling right now. But if you want some change and don’t want a boxy type or a vehicle that is lagging behind in design then surely WagonR is not meant for you. With this, I conclude all this and thank you for being with me till now.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Maruti Suzuki.

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